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Balance December 2018

A few new doubles with Grapeshot as it isn't a "win instantly" card and Totem-Guide Hartebeest because so many combos begin with auras. Banishing Knack has a lot of cards finding it but at least one copy is necessary in the deck, so this should help achieve that.
Elvish Rejuvenator > OvergrowthUrban Utopia > FoxfireBetrothed of Fire > GrapeshotThunderclap > Fire UrchinNight Market Lookout > Unhallowed PactDross Hopper > Nantuko HuskChildren of Korlis > Totem-Guide HartebeestJudge of Currents > Student of OjutaiSphinx's Disciple > Banishing KnackArtificer's Assistant > Ophidian EyeChittering Rats > Aphotic Wisps

Burst of SpeedSpringleaf DrumFireblastFluxSunscorched DesertEnergy TapFoxfire

Dramatic ReversalMobilizeCerulean WispsVitalizeMortician BeetleCitanul DruidInsolenceRhystic Deluge

Key Piece Doubles

This should help with consistency. Still just one copy per deck allowed. This is just for increasing the chance of drafting the required enablers and wincons.
Scholar of Athreos > Tireless TribeField Surgeon > Daru SpiritualistServant of Tymaret > ExhumePhantom Nomad > Midnight GuardGalvanic Alchemist > Cloud of FaeriesScattershot > Grinning IgnusPyromatics > Firebrand ArcherIvy Elemental > Ivy Lane DenizenScion of Ugin > Ulamog's CrusherSnap > Freed from the Real

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