Color balance and I traded Vamp Tutor :(

Rhythm of the Wild > Dromoka's CommandVampiric Tutor > Hymn to Tourach

Add some Eldrazi to make Temple a better fit

Seal of Cleansing > Oblivion SowerTorrential Gearhulk > Elder Deep-FiendGhalta, Primal Hunger > Distended Mindbender

WAR - Dark Depths out

Dark Depths > Terramorphic ExpanseThespian's Stage > Evolving WildsLife from the Loam > Satyr Wayfinder

WAR - Twin combo removed, except the main piece :/

Splinter Twin > Burning of Xinye

WAR - getting up to 480 cards

Blast ZoneEldrazi TempleWorn PowerstoneEmrakul, the Promised End

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