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Ignore my rationale from before, actually reading the card tells me that Oath's trigger is a "may". Derp.
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Report on 6p draft, 9/14/18

Cube decks from Friday September 14th Seating order: Weston - Hamilton - Carson | | Me - Gavitt - Jeremy My Deck - Raka Control 2-1 My first match was against Jeremy's WB artifacts. This was quite the brew! I'd never seen or even thought about this archetype before. The first game was a grind fest with Static Orb. Between the Orb and Scorched Ruins he had a significant advantage throughout most of the early and mid game. He gets down Karn, I keep killing it, and he keeps recurring it and casting it to try and get a big swing in. I get some value in with Bosium Strip. Eventually I tap down the Orb on his end step with Ice and blow it up with a kicked Dismantling Blow. I Abduction his Flowstone Sculpture and beat him up with it (he's already lost a lot of life to his own Phyrexian Delver and Phyrexian Reclamation). He plays Pariah on the Sculpture but I Bosium Strip the Blow to remove it and take the game. Second game was much faster and more lopsided, carried almost singlehandedly by my Masticore. I take the game and win the match 2-0. My second match was against Gavitt's Sunscape Tempo. Because we had 6 people one of the losers from round 1 had to be paired up, and so we randomly decided it and Gavitt was paired up against me. I won, don't remember much about this one except that my Masticore carried one game, his Soltari Champion carried another, and another was carried by Rakavolver. 2-1 My third match was against Carson's formidable RB aggro deck, and since it was in a sense the finals we played best of 5, which he won 3-1. The only game I won was one where he was manascrewed early and got a slow start. The other ones he walked all over me. The problem was that I had very few creatures, he had a ton of removal, and his deck was both aggressive AND resilient. Even if I weathered the initial assault and managed a Rolling Thunder board wipe he could still finish me off with Shivan Gorge or Fanning the Flames. I'm starting to think that Black is not so secretly the best color in this cube and in the era, rather than blue. 1x Fog Bank 1x Rakavolver 1x Masticore 1x Thieving Magpie 1x Crater Hellion 1x Opt 1x Mystical Tutor 1x Fire / Ice 1x Impulse 1x Repulse 1x Urza’s Rage 1x Hammer of Bogardan 1x Dismantling Blow 1x Dissipate 1x Absorb 1x Afterlife 1x Foil 1x Aftershock 1x Rolling Thunder 1x Abduction 1x Seashell Cameo 1x Puppet Strings 1x Bösium Strip 1x Coastal Tower 1x Terminal Moraine 1x Caldera Lake 2x Plains 6x Island 6x Mountain Carson’s Deck - RB Aggro 3-0 2-0 vs Gavitt, 2-1 vs Hamilton, 3-1 vs me. 1x Mogg Fanatic 1x Carnophage 1x Jackal Pup 1x Fireslinger 1x Mogg Flunkies 1x Sanguine Guard 1x Ghitu Slinger 1x Phyrexian Ghoul 1x Avalanche Riders 1x Blazing Specter 1x Keldon Champion 1x Nekrataal 1x Dark Ritual 1x Terminate 1x Incinerate 1x Diabolic Edict 1x Expunge 1x Slaughter 1x Kaervek’s Torch 1x Fanning the Flames 1x Sarcomancy 1x Pestilence 1x Shivan Gorge 8x Swamp 8x Mountain Weston’s Deck - RG Goblins 1-1 1-2 vs Hamilton, 2-0 vs Jeremy. 1x Goblin Patrol 1x Goblin Soothsayer 1x Goblin Recruiter 1x Albino Troll 1x Goblin Legionnaire 1x Squee, Goblin Nabob 1x Goblin Matron 1x Thornscape Battlemage 1x Arc Mage 1x Arms Dealer 1x Serrated Biskelion 1x Simian Grunts 1x Weatherseed Treefolk 1x Battle Squadron 1x Rhox 1x Goblin Marshal 1x Scorching Lava 1x Arc Lightning 1x Flameshot 1x Savage Twister 1x Rancor 1x Goblin Bombardment 1x Survival of the Fittest 1x Mountain Valley 1x Battlefield Forge 1x Yavimaya Hollow 1x Rocky Tar Pit 1x Shivan Oasis 1x Scabland 1x Plains 5x Mountain 4x Forest Jeremy’s deck - WB Artifacts 0-2 0-2 vs me, 0-2 vs Weston. 1x Bone Shredder 1x Stronghold Assassin 1x Thrashing Wumpus 1x Phyrexian Delver 1x Karn, Silver Golem 1x Flowstone Sculpture 1x Phyrexian Sculpture 1x Reanimate 1x Enlightened Tutor 1x Exhume 1x Corpse Dance 1x Vindicate 1x Living Death 1x Tortured Existence 1x Phyrexian Reclamation 1x Pariah 1x Story Circle 1x Static Orb 1x Worn Powerstone 1x Ensnaring Bridge 1x Ring of Gix 1x Crawlspace 1x Bargaining Table 1x Dromar’s Cavern 1x Scorched Ruins 1x Salt Flats 5x Plains 9x Swamp Hamilton’s deck - Bant Control / Ramp 1-1 2-1 vs Weston, 1-2 vs Carson. 1x Soul Warden 1x Wall of Roots 1x Quirion Elves 1x Sunscape Battlemage 1x Yavimaya Elder 1x Cho-Manno, Revolutionary 1x Somnophore 1x Voice of All 1x False Prophet 1x Nemata, Grove Guardian 1x Verdant Force 1x Snap 1x Rampant Growth 1x Catastrophe 1x Flickering Ward 1x Pacifism 1x Fertile Ground 1x Arrest 1x Defense of the Heart 1x Teferi’s Moat 1x Confiscate 1x Star Compass 1x Tigereye Cameo 5x Plains 4x Island 8x Forest Gavitt’s deck - Bant Tempo Tokens 0-2 0-2 vs Carson, 1-2 vs Me 1x Spiketail Hatchling 1x Angelic Page 1x Benalish Trapper 1x Longbow Archer 1x Soltari Priest 1x Soltari Champion 1x Paladin en-Vec 1x Soltari Visionary 1x Man-o’-War 1x Angel of Mercy 1x Mystic Snake 1x Deranged Hermit 1x Brainstorm 1x Counterspell 1x Miscalculation 1x Withdraw 1x Exclude 1x Fact or Fiction 1x Opportunity 1x Power Sink 1x Equilibrium 1x Opposition 1x Snake Basket 1x Treva’s Ruins 1x Skyshroud Forest 1x Elfhame Palace 1x Faerie Conclave 6x Plains 6x Island 1x Forest

Report on 4p pick one, burn one draft, 9/7/18

We drafted 6 packs; every time you pick a card you also remove a card in the pack from the draft. This way the whole cube gets seen. Seating order: Weston - Gavitt | | Me - Dakota It was an interesting experience but to be honest I'm not sure if it was worth the extra effort over 4p sealed. The archetypes that don't show up in sealed also seem like they wouldn't show up here. Pegasus Mesa and Serra's Sanctum got burned very quickly. Another interesting factor is that you get twice as many first picks that the other drafters don't get to interact with than you do in an 8 man draft. A lot of my bombs were first picks. I thought I was running UB but eventually shifted into GB or BUG after getting Deranged Hermit. I got rid of a lot of red removal during the draft, including Rolling Thunder, Kaervek's Torch,Wildfire, and Urza's Rage. While I got a lot of strong blue cards in the draft, a UG land, and a UB land, I passed on the temptation to play BUG and decided to go with a more focused midrange BG approach. I felt vindicated on this as my opponents often struggled with mana. My deck: BG value (2-0) My first match was against Weston's Nightscape control. I won 2-0. First game I was on the draw, discarded a Phyrexian Plaugelord to hand size, and reanimated it turn 2. I kept up the beats with a Mindless Automaton that kept coming back. Second game he was screwed on colors and there wasn't much contest. Second match was against the 4c deck, which I also won 2-0. Neither game was particularly close. Gavitt opined that Black creatures were too strong in the cube as most of the removal from this era requires a nonblack target. I'm not sure why he brought this up as all of his removal was burn - perhaps what I'm looking at is a post-sideboarded version of his deck? I can't say as the sideboards got shuffled together for pack wars afterward. It's possible that black is secretly the strongest color in the cube after my nerfs to blue, but to be fair I did strategically axe a lot of burn during the draft. 1x Wall of Blossoms 1x Wall of Roots 1x Quirion Elves 1x Wood Elves 1x Phyrexian Rager 1x Stronghold Assassin 1x Mindless Automaton 1x Nekrataal 1x Body Snatcher 1x Spiritmonger 1x Phyrexian Delver 1x Deranged Hermit 1x Phyrexian Plaguelord 1x Reanimate 1x Expunge 1x Corpse Dance 1x Primal Growth 1x Slaughter 1x Living Death 1x Rancor 1x Seal of Doom 1x Diabolic Servitude 1x Ring of Gix 1x Terminal Moraine 9x Swamp 7x Forest Gavitt’s deck: 4c Token Opposition (1-1) Beat Thunderscape aggro 2-1 (I believe), lost to GB value 0-2. Gavitt drafts some version of 4 or 5 color goodstuff every time he plays this cube; I'm not sure if he's trying to make a point or what. He didn't even have Legacy Weapon this time. Anyway I'm not sure how this janked its way to victory over the Thunderscape deck but it somehow did, in a tight match that at one point had both players at 1 life. In general I think people get entirely too greedy when drafting this cube, especially given the poor fixing of this era. I love the idea of trying token opposition as UR with Goblins, but trying to play it 4 colors with 3 Lair lands is just a recipe for misery. 1x Mother of Runes 1x Manakin 1x Degavolver 1x Cetavolver 1x Man-o’-War 1x Fleeting Image 1x Sanguine Guard 1x Flametongue Kavu 1x Desolation Angel 1x Goblin Marshall 1x Counterspell 1x Incinerate 1x Probe 1x Vindicate 1x Stupor 1x Prophetic Bolt 1x Gobin Offensive 1x Goblin Trenches 1x Opposition 1x Star Compass 1x Phyrexian Lens 1x Worn Powerstone 1x Crawlspace 1x Snake Basket 1x Rith’s Grove 1x Caves of Koilos 1x Gemstone Mine 1x Crosis’s Catacombs 1x Reflecting Pool 1x Flood Plain 1x Shivan Reef 1x Bad River 1x Darigaaz’s Caldera 1x Urborg Volcano 1x Battlefield Forge 2x Plains 2x Island 2x Swamp Dakota’s deck: Thunderscape aggro (1-1) This would appear to be a post-sideboarded version as my photos of the event show that it was playing Sarcomancy at some point. Lost 1-2 to 4c tokens (how??), won against Nightscape control in a match that I saw almost none of and so am unsure of the record. I never played against this deck but it seems solid, especially if it can get its early beats in. 1x Goblin Patrol 1x Carnophage 1x Dauthi Horror 1x Mogg Maniac 1x Thunderscape Battlemage 1x Necravolver 1x Yavimaya Elder 1x Order of Yawgmoth 1x Thicket Elemental 1x Commander Greven il-Vec 1x Rhox 1x Dark Ritual 1x Worldly Tutor 1x Shock 1x Hull Breach 1x Do or Die 1x Relentless Assault 1x Snuff Out 1x Persecute 1x Mirri’s Guile 1x Necromancy 1x Fires of Yavimaya 1x Mind Stone 1x Lotus Vale 1x Rocky Tar Pit 1x Pine Barrens 1x Mountain Valley 7x Swamp 4x Mountain 3x Forest Weston’s deck: Nightscape Control (0-2) 1x Waterfront Bouncer 1x Ghitu Slinger 1x Blazing Specter 1x Tradewind Rider 1x Avalanche Riders 1x Phyrexian Scuta 1x Skizzik 1x Tahngarth, Talruum Hero 1x Keldon Firebombers 1x Morphling 1x Ephemeron 1x Avatar of Woe 1x Miscalculation 1x Terminate 1x Scorching Lava 1x Hammer of Bogardan 1x Arc Lightning 1x Exclude 1x Capsize 1x Fanning the Flames 1x Seal of Fire 1x Phyrexian Arena 1x Abduction 1x Powder Keg 1x Drake-Skull Cameo 1x Caldera Lake 1x Faerie Conclave 5x Island 4x Swamp 6x Mountain

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Realized this card was a mistake very quickly...
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