Artifacts support.

Including Urza and seeing how much support I can add for artifacts in U/R whilst also keeping UR as a spells matter focus too.
Riftwing Cloudskate > Urza, Lord High ArtificerSower of Temptation > Whirler RogueSpear of Heliod > Serra the BenevolentCyclonic Rift > OptHellspark Elemental > Pia and Kiran NalaarHanweir Garrison > Goblin EngineerCrashing Footfalls > Nightpack AmbusherIzzet Charm > Saheeli, Sublime ArtificerDuplicant > Kess, Dissident MageIcy Manipulator > Ancient Tomb

Kranky Gobbo

Some more aggro 3 drop support to test. I feel like this guy could be close to being one of the better ones.
Rekindling Phoenix > Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin

Sword of Trial and Error

This card will either be pretty great, or pretty meh, time will tell!
Treasure Map > Sword of Sinew and Steel


Make some pretty sweeping cuts to support more archetypes and create more 'signals' for drafters over strictly poweful in a vacuum cards! Lets see if this works...
Kaya, Orzhov Usurper > Sorin, Lord of InnistradLegion Loyalist > Hazoret the FerventKarmic Guide > God-Eternal OketraFaithless Looting > Searing SpearSmash to Smithereens > CharFeldon of the Third Path > Goblin CratermakerRampaging Ferocidon > Electrostatic FieldArchangel Avacyn > Ranger-Captain of EosSun Titan > Giver of RunesStunt Double > Shelldock IsleBaleful Strix > Thief of SanityRipjaw Raptor > Elvish Piper

Mini Change

The Jellyfish will be back, but want to see if Eons can do stuff.
Man-o'-War > Echo of EonsVerdurous Gearhulk > Hexdrinker

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