Odric, Master TacticianAngel of GraceThalia's LieutenantThalia's Lieutenant

Post Modern Horizons Update

Tithe TakerTithe TakerSquee, Goblin NabobSquee, the ImmortalPia NalaarAnafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritOdric, Master TacticianRage ForgerRage ForgerRage Forger

Modern Horizons Updates

Knight-Captain of EosKnight-Captain of EosHallowed BurialOblivion RingOblivion RingTattered MummyTattered MummyTattered MummyFaerie MacabreFaerie MacabreFaerie MacabreDevour in FlamesDevour in FlamesSelvala's EnforcerSelvala's EnforcerFireblade ArtistFireblade ArtistVesperlarkVesperlarkVesperlarkGenerous GiftGenerous GiftUndead AugurUndead AugurUndead AugurSling-Gang LieutenantSling-Gang LieutenantPashalik MonsMagmatic SinkholeDeep Forest HermitDeep Forest HermitMunitions ExpertMunitions ExpertBraids, Cabal Minion

Angelic Captain

Boros was clogged at the 4 cmc slot

Changing some card choices for Boros. These changes are aimed to spread out the converted mana costs beyond just 4 cmc.
Warleader's HelixWarleader's HelixFiremane AvengerLightning HelixLightning Helix

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