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Going to test out the Titan cycle

I have held off adding the Titan for over a year for a concern that they would warp the format. Instead of mulling it over any more it is time to add them in and try it out.
Windborn MuseWindborn MuseControl MagicGeralf's MindcrusherBanshee of the Dread ChoirBanshee of the Dread ChoirOutrage ShamanOutrage ShamanDeep Forest HermitDeep Forest HermitPaliano, the High CitySun TitanFrost TitanGrave TitanInferno TitanPrimeval TitanCataclysmic GearhulkTorrential GearhulkNoxious GearhulkCombustible GearhulkVerdurous GearhulkWurmcoil Engine

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Soul DivinerSoul DivinerTomebound LichTomebound Lich

Discovered that Rienne is a foil promo

Since Rienne is a foil buy a box promo I unfortunately cannot add her to this cube as it is strictly a non foil cube.
Rienne, Angel of RebirthGahiji, Honored One

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