A few minor adjustments

Like Treacherous Pit-Dweller, Firedrinker Satyr tricks you into thinking it might be good, then kills you. Replacing it with a better aggressive red creature, Stromkirk Noble. Psychic Intrusion just seems bad. I think Whispering Madness is more interesting. Not enough cards that make you draw 2 or more cards for Alms Collector to be relevant, and Daghatar is the only remaining card in its cycle not in the cube.
Firedrinker Satyr > Stromkirk NobleAlms Collector > Daghatar the AdamantPsychic Intrusion > Whispering Madness

Color Fixing Update!

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback! The biggest criticism I've received with the cube is that it tends to force 3-color decks with limited mana fixing. To help with this, I'm replacing all the non-dragon 3 color cards with mono-colored cards.
Flesh // Blood > Declaration in StoneShattergang Brothers > Mirror EntityMayael the Anima > Regna's SanctionFiery Justice > Unexpectedly AbsentBeck // Call > MindshriekerStoic Angel > RedirectEnigma Sphinx > Drain PowerSphinx of the Steel Wind > Octopus UmbraSedraxis Specter > Gonti, Lord of LuxuryJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge > Wretched ConfluenceCatch // Release > Arguel's Blood FastFlying Crane Technique > Vona's HungerFervent Charge > Alesha, Who Smiles at DeathAnkle Shanker > Collective DefianceSidisi, Brood Tyrant > StarstormVillainous Wealth > Relentless AssaultSiege Rhino > Savage SummoningDuneblast > Feed the PackSavage Knuckleblade > Realm SeekersGuided Passage > Stonewood Invocation

Removing too expensive cards

Thorn Lieutenant and Decree of Pain are worth too much. Replacing with cheaper options. On the watchlist for this: Invasion & Planar Chaos Dragons Exalted Angel Joiner Adept Stroke of Genius Imprisoned in the Moon Olivia, Mobilized for War
Thorn Lieutenant > Vinelasher KudzuDecree of Pain > Undercity Plague

Havoc Festival > Captive Audience

Anax and Cymede > Tajic, Legion's Edge

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