Removing too expensive cards

Thorn Lieutenant and Decree of Pain are worth too much. Replacing with cheaper options. On the watchlist for this: Invasion & Planar Chaos Dragons Exalted Angel Joiner Adept Stroke of Genius Imprisoned in the Moon Olivia, Mobilized for War
Thorn Lieutenant > Vinelasher KudzuDecree of Pain > Undercity Plague

Havoc Festival > Captive Audience

Anax and Cymede > Tajic, Legion's Edge

Color Balancing

This gives each mono color an even 60 cards. Also makes it so all the guilds are evenly represented at 7 cards apiece. Each tri-color combo is even at 3 cards apiece (Jeskai used to have 4 and Abzan had 5). Removed the Ascendancies because they didn't seem to work well in the cube. They seemed to work best early in the game, which makes it harder for them to be effective. Something like Villainous Wealth is easier to splash. Havoc Festival will end up being Captive Audience (it wasn't on Cube Tutor yet), since I expect Captive Audience to drop to about $1 once the prices from Ravnica Allegiance settle.
Etherium-Horn Sorcerer > Fevered VisionsBrood Butcher > FindMardu Ascendancy > Fervent ChargeTemur Ascendancy > Guided PassageSultai Ascendancy > Villainous WealthSage of Ancient Lore > Loxodon SmiterNighthowler > Havoc FestivalSerra Avatar > Utter EndTorchling > ExpansionCrime // Punishment > Atarka, World RenderAbzan Ascendancy > Jarad's OrdersSage-Eye Avengers > Necromaster DragonJeskai Ascendancy > Ojutai's Command

Land Update

Cleaned up the ally color lands, so that there are only three cycles represented. Added 10 more dual lands. Most of these were over the $1 threshold, but I'll make an exception here so that manabases can be smoother. Also, having the full cycle of Amonkhet duals will hopefully make winning with Coalition Victory somewhat more viable.
River of Tears > Fetid PoolsDragonskull Summit > Canyon SloughSungrass Prairie > Scattered GrovesSheltered ThicketTemple of EnlightenmentTemple of DeceitTemple of MaliceTemple of PlentyTemple of TriumphTemple of MaladyTemple of EpiphanyTemple of SilenceTemple of Mystery

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