Half Ton of Magic. Amonthek Edition.

Lately I haven´t been cubing a lot since real life has kept me pretty busy (one kid was born in october 2016 and another one is expected soon). Therefore the only few aditions that will be included in the cube during 2017 will be some Amonthek cards. In the upcoming months it won´t be any major changes to the list, but I will keep my eyes o the new cards published and spoilered and most likely around march or april 2018 a big new versión will be in the net with many new inclusions (so far I am very excited about things like Ramunap Excavator). Until then, patience and some testing games, and for the rest a lot of diappers changing and sleepless nights ;) Take care, and hope to see you son fellas.

Half Ton of Magic. Kaladesh Edition. 16KLD Fall.

Vehicles, power counters and new invention cards, a lot of new stuff for Magic the Gathering in Kaladesh expansion, but only a few of these new cards will be included in the pool. The two stars of the new edition are Chandra Torch of Defiance and Scrapheap Scrounger, two outstanding cards that will be in the cube for a looong time. Other nice aditions are Angel of Invention, that I thing is a tad better and more versatile than Cloudgoat Ranger, and Verdorous Gearhulk, that we will test over Kalonian Hydra (in this case time will tell if its inclusion is solid or not). Fumigate is a noce wrath that let us cut Supreme Verdict and make room for the excellent Spell Queller. Two vehicles will be added: Smugglers Copter and Fleetwheel Cruiser are both castable, easily crewable and have nice effects. Some of the new invention cards will be added, like the Walker or Crucible of Words, but others will be included in the near future, very likely all the swords once Aether Revolt is published (since only three of the five are already available).

Half Ton of Magic: SOI-EMN Edition.

Not an upgrade but a revised edition of the pool, including Shadows over Innistrad Block (Shadows over Innistrad itself and Eldritch Moon that were published in April and July 2016). It also has a few new cards from the mini expansion Conspirancy 2. There are two main reasons to publish both SOI and EMN at once: firstly, it gives us more time to test cards, and secondly it saves some shipment costs since we will order the whole just at once.

Half Ton of Magic: The Galician Cube Edition

This one is gonna be a very small upgrade, but still an important one. It will be merged with EMN and KLD editions and will be published around late autumn or very early winter, as a 2016 Final Edition Cube (and this one will be the official cube till mid-late 2017). A few new cards will be added today: Recruiter of the Guard, Regal Behemot and Daretti Iconoclast will be there for sure. Three more cards will be tested: Arcane Sevant, Kaya Ghost Assassin and Custodi Lich although I am not very possitive about either of them since both Orzhov and the black high curved creatures are very crowded already. I think that the cube could be upgraded to up to 500 cards in the upcoming months, but the problem is that while some colors and guild combinations are now very tight some others seem to be a bit weak to get more cards, therefore will be wait at least till 2017. This cube will be thoroughly tested during fall and early winter here in Ourense (that´s the reason for the new edition´s name).

Half Ton of Magic: The Spanish Cube Edition

The first version done after coming back from the USA to Spain, this is going to be one of the least tested editions to be published yet, since we had no time to draft it during the last months. Being a small expansion, Eldritch Moon comes with many nice new cards that will have room in the cube. Some of them are really stellar like Thalia, Kessig Prowler, or Hanweir Garrison. We are trying to reintroduce green aggro into the list, at least as a testing till next edition, given that some of the new cards seem to make it possible. Other new features include a full set of special land cards and some of the new EXP altered lands (we only need one more to complete the full set). Last but not least, we have decided to get rid of all the morph cards in the cube. All in all this one is a small update but nevertheless it is quite good for the cube, mostly because many of the new cards are really outstanding.

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