Half Ton of Magic: 450 cards Magic 19

A new edition comes this summer with an another revision for size. Since some new testers has been added to the group and we missed both some all time favorite pet cards and new additions, we decided to improve the cube and return to its former 450 cards edition. A few pet cards has been added with two characteristics: a) must be good enough to be playable and b) must be all time favorites for a majority of the cube players. These cards are Terror, Unearth, Elves of Deep Shadow, Giant Growth, Fellwar Stone, Triskelion and Bazaar of Bagdad. Some of them are too narrow to be added to regular cubes, some has been improved by several new cards and become obsolete, but all are still playable and represent an special part of MTG history in our hearts. On the other hand, new M19 stuff has been added to the cube and now it is up to date with several cards from the last editions of the game. New editions will be introduced next year but so far this will be the official cube for the whole 2019 and most of 2020. Enjoy!

Half Ton of Magic: 420 cards Rivals of Ixalan

And just a few weeks later we are coming back to 420 cards. It definitely seems that this is the correct size, not too small not too big for my group wishes and tastes. We are mostly drafting with two to four people and since I have two little kids right now is very likely that we won´t draft more than once per month and therefore we don´t need anymore a big pool of cards: we just want power! From Rivals we are just addings one new card, the new red pirate is a fantastic and flavourfull card while the chupacabra is an improved Nekrataal I think I will still stick to the old version for its flavour and "historic" meaning. This is gonna be the last update till summer, whn we will celebrate the 25 th year of magic with a lot of new customised art cards and a few upgrades. Enjoy the cube, thanks for drafting it and see you in august!!!

Half Ton of Magic: 450 cards edition.

We are back to just 450 cards from the 480 original cards. All the removed cards are going to be stored and we can promptly replace them in the cube if we decide so. The main reason for the cut is that I am currently obssessed with quality. I want every darft pack to provide at least three or four outstanding options for the drafter and 480 were way too many cards to achieve such a goal. In the upcoming future the cube will probably come back to this size but so far it will remain as a small list. I only got ride of one archetype, green aggro, now is still possible to use green as an aggro splash but it will no longer be possible to draft something like a Gx aggro deck in our cube. The rest of the decks are still available, we just cut some of the least stellar cards in each section. Glimpse draft has been replaced by Sight Draft that is very similar in concept (only difference is the burning of one card instead of four).

Half Ton of Magic: 2017 Edition.

This will be the final 2017 Edition, and therefore we won´t have any new upgrades till next year. My plan is to release this new edition around early august 2018 when the game will be exactly 25 years old, with some new cards and a revised set of altered and foil items. Last Magic expansion added so far is Ixalan. The cube has been trimmed to 450 cards since lately we are playing less Burnfour and more regular drafts with four to eight people, anyway the thrirty cards has been stored in the bench section and are steadily available to create a Burnfour when needed. Curves has been upgraded and tweaked and the tricolor cards are out from the cube (this is not a final decision yet and we will see how this turns out in the following weeks). Very few new cards has been actually added: Sorcerous Spyglass, Fractured Identity and Carnage Tyrant.

Half Ton of Magic. Amonthek Edition.

Lately I haven´t been cubing a lot since real life has kept me pretty busy (one kid was born in october 2016 and another one is expected soon). Therefore the only few aditions that will be included in the cube during 2017 will be some Amonthek cards. In the upcoming months it won´t be any major changes to the list, but I will keep my eyes o the new cards published and spoilered and most likely around march or april 2018 a big new versión will be in the net with many new inclusions (so far I am very excited about things like Ramunap Excavator). Until then, patience and some testing games, and for the rest a lot of diappers changing and sleepless nights ;) Take care, and hope to see you son fellas.

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