Troll never really got drafted or played when it did, so bringing Abrupt Decay back.
Lotleth Troll > Abrupt Decay

We're Standard Now

I've heard awesome things about the Krasis in cube and I know it's been dominating Standard for a bit now. Shardless felt rather underwhelming and even counterproductive to most of the green/blue decks that could run it, so this seems like the best trade.
Shardless Agent > Hydroid Krasis

War of the Spark - Updates

I'm planning on finding room for Gideon Blackblade, probably over Spear of Heliod. I also think Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin would be a great in the red section, probably over Legion Warboss. Losing the mentor and the constant token generation and haste is a little rough but I think Krenko's potential to generate an ever-increasing number of tokens and scaling with equipment is too good to not test, at least. Return to Nature is a strict upgrade over Naturalize, and I think the instant speed and possible discard of Liliana's Triumph will be more useful than the flashback on Chainer's Edict. Dreadhorde Arcanist is something I would like to test, over Abbot of Keral Keep. I think God-Eternal Kefnet is both one of the best bodies and effects among the gods, and the fact that most blue 4s are relatively unexciting makes me think Kefnet will probably find a home. However, all of the blue 4s are powerful or provide archetype support, so while Kefnet helps Wildfire decks, Whirler Rogue helps Opposition decks. At the moment, I don't know what I want to swap out. I would also like to see if there's room for Ilharg the Raze-Boar, though I don't think I want to cut any of my current red 5s... That'll be one I keep my eye on at least. I think Domri, Anarch of Bolas will find a home in the Gruul section, probably over Burning Tree Emissary.

Expanding Artifacts & Colorless

Decided to take out some underperforming cards from various colors to boost the artifact and land suite.
Wickerbough Elder > Guardian IdolMan-o'-War > Phyrexian MetamorphHistory of Benalia > Undiscovered ParadisePyroclasm > Coldsteel Heart

Trials and Refinements

Inquisition was a card I felt was necessary but missing from this cube, so it gets a spot here. Hazoret is both another tool for aggro and lends more support to Wildfire strategies and even reanimator in a pinch. Vraska, Relic Seeker is a bit more interesting than Abrupt Decay, which is powerful but at this point feels redundant.
War-Name Aspirant > Hazoret the FerventMalicious Affliction > Inquisition of KozilekAbrupt Decay > Vraska, Relic Seeker

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