Change #15 - GP Copenhagen

Managed to get a hold of some cards that I'd previously held off on due to price Greater Gargadon > Mizzium Tank
Necromancy > ReanimateVivien, Champion of the Wilds > BerserkSram's Expertise > Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

Change #14 - MH1 Update!

Arcane Artisan > Echo of Eons
Marsh Flitter > Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianCarrion Feeder > Carrion FeederFlesh Carver > First-Sphere GargantuaWhip of Erebos > Mind RakeSuspension Field > Winds of AbandonBattle Screech > Battle ScreechSpellseeker > Bazaar TrademageNiblis of Frost > Mist-Syndicate NagaUlvenwald Tracker > HexdrinkerKalonian Hydra > Deep Forest HermitPrey Upon > Savage SwipeReflector Mage > SoulherderSimic Signet > Talisman of CuriosityOrzhov Signet > Talisman of HierarchyShivan Reef > Fiery IsletCaves of Koilos > Silent ClearingYavimaya Coast > Waterlogged GroveLlanowar Wastes > Nurturing PeatlandBattlefield Forge > Sunbaked CanyonTerramorphic Expanse > Prismatic Vista

Change #13 - Artifact test

Per request, I'm testing out an artifact subtheme in white. It might work out, or it might not, its easily reversible and few of the cards are parasitic. Dispatch with be granted abundance, and I might supplement it all with a custom card or two. Wingmate Roc > Angel of Invention Mogg War Marshal > Aether Chaser Captivating Crew > Pia and Kiran Nalaar
Archangel Avacyn > Toolcraft ExemplarDragon Hunter > Thraben InspectorHigh Sentinels of Arashin > Master SplicerGrasp of the Hieromancer > Ethersworn CanonistRally the Ancestors > DispatchTopan Freeblade > Porcelain Legionnaire

As ForetoldCurious Obsession

Change #12 - 'Pick 1, get 2'

Testing out a thing; In the sideboard 15 mono colored cards from the 'mainboard' are listed, if you pick one of those cards during the draft, you get an additional copy. I have no way to simulate this on CT unfortunately. Life from the Loam is a bit of a pet card, but it does offer some cool support for Discard/Madness decks, Super Delve, and the new Living Death deck - - - This custom rule is based on a keyword mechanic from Velrun's Fantasy Cube.
Sprouting Renewal > Life from the LoamSummon the Pack > Living Death

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