High Sentinels of Arashin > Kill Shot

Fine tuning

Embodiment of Spring > Weave FateEmbodiment of Spring > Blinding SprayValley Dasher > Gore Swine

fixing the multicolor

Basically removed most of the rares and concentrated on uncommons and draft archetypes
Utter End > Chief of the EdgeJeskai Student > Chief of the ScaleRakshasa Deathdealer > Kin-Tree InvocationForce Away > Death FrenzySagu Mauler > Icefeather AvenRuthless Ripper > Secret PlansMindswipe > WinterflameGore Swine > Master the WayDeflecting Palm > Ride DownWindstorm > Highspire MantisSage of the Inward Eye > Jeskai CharmAnkle Shanker > Mardu CharmRakshasa Vizier > Sultai CharmVillainous Wealth > Kheru Lich LordIvorytusk Fortress > Abzan CharmSavage Knuckleblade > Temur CharmWarden of the EyeMardu RoughriderSultai SoothsayerArmament CorpsBear's Companion

Molting Snakeskin > Gurmag Angler

Final changes?

Jeskai StudentDefiant StrikeMystic of the Hidden WayStubborn DenialRuthless RipperMolting SnakeskinGore SwineGore SwineSmoke TellerWindstorm

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