A case of the Mono

Some players of my cube (BC in particular) complain that the cube rewards multi-color good stuff / value too much. Endless Atlas is a huge reward for one of the players at the table that inevitably ends up going mono or mostly mono color. Such a cheap tome. Staff of Nim is clunky and gets worse now that I have removed Tinker. Fine to cut for now.
Staff of Nin > Endless Atlas

an Impulsive swap

Adventerous Impulse seems pretty great. Land early, find action late. Primal Command is a bit clunky in the modern Magic world. Happy to cut it. Adventerous Impulse acts similarly for much less mana?
Primal Command > Adventurous Impulse

History of Value

I was lucky to crack a History of Benalia in a draft a few weeks ago. Excellent value card for my token centric cube. It compares fairly well to Lingering Souls and that is high, high praise. Dragon Hunter was the least drafted one drop, and white was a bit heavy on the one drops. So cut. I could see it coming back if I ever decided to just push white aggro very hard.
Dragon Hunter > History of Benalia


Phyrexian Scriptures seems quite good. I like the synergy with The Abyss. Sever the Bloodline is underrated but kind of boring. I'm fine with cutting it.
Sever the Bloodline > Phyrexian Scriptures

My kind of grind

Muldrotha is the kind of grind you out kind of card I love. Look forward to trying this. Dack's Duplicate is decent but not thrilling. Okay with cutting it.
Dack's Duplicate > Muldrotha, the Gravetide

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