Updates to Simic: Tempo Archetype

Removing the +1/+1 Counters support in Simic and replacing it with a tempo strategy. This deck combines cheap efficient creatures, counterspells, and board manipulation to keep the opponent off balance while ending the game early. Mystic Snake and Edric, Spymaster of Trest have been added to the simic section as signals and payoffs for the deck. Exclusion Mage and Venser, Shaper Savant give some redundancy to Man-o'-War effects that are great in this deck. I planned to add Noble Hierarch when I update the Green Ramp section but I went ahead and dropped it in now to note that this deck combines with Azorius Flyers strategies exceptionally well.
Shapers of Nature > Edric, Spymaster of TrestFleetfeather Cockatrice > Mystic SnakeLatch Seeker > Exclusion MageMist Raven > Venser, Shaper SavantForce Spike > DazeEssence Scatter > Memory LapsePsionic Blast > Supreme WillNoble Hierarch

Updates to Azorius: Flyers Archetype

Started with an update to the Azorius section. Cloudblazer, Spell Queller, and Warrant // Warden are all cards that work well in the Flyers deck but are also flexible to fill rolls in Blink, Tempo, and Control which is about everything Azorius is hoping to do. This should finalize the Azorius section. The blue swaps are just overall Flyers upgrades and this seemed like an appropriate time to make those changes.
Migratory Route > CloudblazerRoil Spout > Spell QuellerCurse of Chains > Warrant // WardenWingcrafter > PteramanderTetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive > Warkite MarauderClone > Sower of Temptation

Updates to Black: Recursive Archetypes

Working on upgrading blacks aggro package. At common and uncommon the 1 mana slot was limited to cards like Carnophage that have a pretty significant downside. Replacing the old aggressive creatures with recursive ones that will also slot well into the sacrifice/aristicrats theme present in Mardu. Adding Braids, Cabal Minion to serve as an enabler for the Sacrifice theme in black and Fireblade Artist / Hidden Stockpile as enablers in the multicolored sections. These new toys combined with cards like Goblin Bombardment, Lingering Souls, and Blood Artist should make for an incredibly fun aggressive archetype. Many cubes play Smokestack and Tangle Wire to support this archetype. Debating if these two cards are to wordy/confusing and/or strong for our environment. Might add them later.
Carnophage > Bloodsoaked ChampionSarcomancy > CryptbreakerVampire Lacerator > Dread WandererGnarled Scarhide > GutterbonesBasilica Screecher > Scrapheap ScroungerTooth Collector > Midnight ReaperScavenger Drake > Braids, Cabal MinionVampiric Rites > Stitcher's SupplierFledgling Djinn > Blood ScrivenerSpike Jester > Fireblade ArtistDrana's Emissary > Hidden Stockpile

Updates to White: General Upgrades

Increased the power level and amount of Flyers, Tokens, & +1/+1 Counters cards. Removed some of the lower power level removal and defensive spells to add (2) 5 mana board wipes. I want to keep the effect above 4 mana wraths such as Wrath of God and Day of Judgment. I choose Rout and End Hostilities because they both have a decent but not backbreaking upside for the extra mana. Replaced Swell of Courage with Ajani Goldmane; the 2nd of 10-12 lower powered planeswalkers that I would like to end up with in the final cube. I'm hoping to increase the cube size to 420 so planeswalkers will be about 2.5% of the total cards. Ajani acts as a payoff for the +1/+1 Counters deck.
Stormfront Pegasus > Selfless SpiritSandsteppe Outcast > Ministrant of ObligationConsul's Lieutenant > Thalia's LieutenantGreat Teacher's Decree > Unbreakable FormationFeudkiller's Verdict > Secure the WastesEmerge Unscathed > Tithe TakerLashknife Barrier > RoutFaith Unbroken > End HostilitiesTest of Faith > Collective EffortSwell of Courage > Ajani GoldmanePatron of the Valiant > Captain of the Watch

Updates to White: Aggro

Here are some upgrades to white's aggressive creatures. Hoping that Mentor of the Meek and Ranger of Eos will be good payoffs for playing 2/1 for W creature decks. Other additions are just general upgrades with the hopes of adding a higher density of an already dense Human population in white to turn on Champion of the Parish. Mentor of the Meek should work well with Token strategies as well.
Goldmeadow Harrier > Champion of the ParishElite Vanguard > Soldier of the PantheonCloistered Youth > Glory-Bound InitiateSyndic of Tithes > Imposing SovereignSkyhunter Skirmisher > Mentor of the MeekFairgrounds Warden > Thalia, Heretic CatharCalciderm > Ranger of Eos

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