Update #1

This is the first in a series of updates that will hopefully lead to a finalised cube. Here I mainly try to buff the flicker archetype wich was missing cards, while also adding topend for ramp-decks and removing a few cards that have no seen play.
Topan Freeblade > CloudshiftBaird, Steward of Argive > Urbis ProtectorAzorius Charm > Vanish into MemoryThrummingbird > Phyrexian IngesterDusk Legion Zealot > Twisted AbominationGoblin Bombardment > Minotaur AggressorFight with Fire > Rapacious OneLeatherback Baloth > Plated CrusherAbzan Beastmaster > Maul SplicerTuskguard Captain > Great Oak GuardianAnimus of Predation > Krosan TuskerInkfathom Witch > Soul ManipulationWayfaring Temple > Enlisted Wurm