Update #2

This is just scimming of bad and unplayed cards. Most of theese where almost never drafted/used and will not be missed. Exept Forbid wich has to go because of gameplay reasons. With this Updated I have cut a few of the pieces of Rakdos Aggro, I will watch its future developtment. On another note: This will slightly increase the amount of MC cards per pack from 3,14 to 3,26 and the total amount of MC support cards (MC, lands, signets) to 4,8, getting myself closer to that 1/3 cards is MC support. I dont really know how to get the last 0,2 percent, as this would require me to go up to 18 in each Guild.
TopplegeistSunhome StalwartRiftmarked KnightVisionary AugmenterUrbis ProtectorGrasp of the HieromancerCloudfin RaptorIncursion SpecialistSpellstutter SpriteForbidOpportunityVow of FlightStitcher's SupplierVampire LaceratorExtremely Slow ZombieRakshasa GravecallerVendettaGnarled ScarhideConduit of StormsCharging TuskodonFire ServantRapacious OneAssault StrobeMinotaur AggressorBoneyard WurmManglehornCrowned CeratokBattlefront KrushokCentaur OmenreaderTerrain Elemental

Update #1

This is the first in a series of updates that will hopefully lead to a finalised cube. Here I mainly try to buff the flicker archetype wich was missing cards, while also adding topend for ramp-decks and removing a few cards that have no seen play.
Topan Freeblade > CloudshiftBaird, Steward of Argive > Urbis ProtectorAzorius Charm > Vanish into MemoryThrummingbird > Phyrexian IngesterDusk Legion Zealot > Twisted AbominationGoblin Bombardment > Minotaur AggressorFight with Fire > Rapacious OneLeatherback Baloth > Plated CrusherAbzan Beastmaster > Maul SplicerTuskguard Captain > Great Oak GuardianAnimus of Predation > Krosan TuskerInkfathom Witch > Soul ManipulationWayfaring Temple > Enlisted Wurm