M20 Update

This set is weird. There are a lot of direct Upgrades such as the new Vampire or Barkhide Troll. There are also some interesting cards, that I think I will cut in the future, but now wil try out such as Rapacious Dragon. The addition of Scorch Spitter hurts, as the card is really not that good, but it is a much needed 1-drop and has some slight Elemental synergies with the new chandra. The most pleases I am with azorius after this update as all of the cards fill individual niches quiet nicely, thanks to Empyrean Eagle.
Somberwald Alpha > Gnarlback RhinoFogwalker > Brineborn CutthroatSurge Mare > Cerulean DrakeCurious Homunculus > Spectral SailorDoomfall > Blood for BonesPharika's Chosen > Vampire of the Dire MoonRocket-Powered Turbo Slug > Rapacious DragonIre Shaman > Unchained BerserkerKalonian Tusker > Barkhide TrollSea Gate Oracle > Winged WordsPestermite > Cloudkin SeerMardu Heart-Piercer > Scorch SpitterBrood Monitor > Howling GiantAzorius Guildmage > Empyrean EagleArmadillo Cloak > Ironroot WarlordBeacon Bolt > Lightning StormkinRide Down > Skyknight VanguardShipwreck Singer > Tomebound LichCall of the Full Moon > Chandra, Novice Pyromancer

Counters Update (and Giant Growth)

In the Context of the Planeswalker Update I decided to add a little bit of counters support, to see where I can go with this. This is not meant to reshape the cube landscape, it is just menat as a nodd towards UG-based decks and to see if that archetype could be viable. Or to see if Planeswalkers are enough of an incetive to pick Gratefull Apparation and friends.
Spellweaver Eternal > ThrummingbirdUnstable Mutation > Tezzeret's GambitRanging Raptors > Evolution SageStonecloaker > Grateful ApparitionWild Onslaught > Blessings of NatureBestial Menace > Hunger of the HowlpackSpider Umbra > Giant Growth

The Planeswalker Update

As I have drafted WAR more and more I have come to the conclusion, that some Planeswalker I had in the "Close but not enough" category are better than I thought. Enriching the gameplay experience is very important vor me, so adding more Planeswalkers (bringing the total up to 16/21) is an important step. Planeswalkers creat fun and powerfull gameplay, while not beeing uninteractable and also create whole new archetypes (i.e. Vraskas "Deathtouch matters"). This will also allow me to add more counter support, wich will indirectly increase UGs power and turn it from the "What am I even doing"-Collor Combination into something actualy playable, with an identity. Hopefully.
Bone Picker > Davriel, Rogue ShadowmageFireblast > Tibalt, Rakish InstigatorMaul Splicer > Arlinn, Voice of the PackMoan of the Unhallowed > Ob Nixilis, the Hate-TwistedMaw of the Obzedat > Kaya, Bane of the DeadOchran Assassin > Vraska, Swarm's Eminence