The Nostalgia Cube

"Nostalgia" is a relative term, but importantly, I love Onslaught-era "Type II" Goblins. And no matter how many times it's teased we all know that deck isn't coming back. And it's bad in Legacy. Also of importance, cards I love get cut from Powered Cube and that's a bummer. So here's a place to live out all my old dreams and have a change of pace from today's MTG. A place to draft old hits and relive an era where the non-creature spells were still broken and the creatures were mostly just okay. Of note: 1. Yes, you get +3 Squadron Hawks if you draft it. You'll notice any deck I include it in saves with 37 cards. On cubetutor (as opposed to drafting with me IRL), you'll want to use your imagination. 2. Yes, Goblins is explicitly supported as the default "mono red deck". I feel like it's a more interesting take on the "mono red aggro" archetype in cube if I'm going to be nostalgic, and that there's plenty of Goblins that can be taken for non-Goblin decks. So the specificly-for-Goblins inclusions aren't that much more narrow than adding something like Ball Lightning, in my opinion. Of additional note, there's a light support for Elves and Humans, but it's more a wink to the archetypes rather than full blown support. Also, try a "Matron Toolbox" package for any deck including red. It's great. 3. There's a supplementary land draft afterwards, with each drafter getting 4 picks from the pool of 45 cards. They're included as the "Sideboard" if you care to look.