Further support for the Aristrocrats

Hypnotic Specter is the next black 3-drop to get cut.
Bone Shredder > Falkenrath Noble

Back to 540!

W-117 U-116 B-117 R-117 G-114
Hero of Oxid RidgeLinvala, the Preserver

Going from 546 to 542, 2 cuts left!

W-118 U-116 B-117 R-118 G-114
Dire Fleet DaredevilRhythm of the WildDragonlord OjutaiPsionic Blast

Ravnica Allegiance Testing

Testing Teferi & 4 other Ravnica Allegiance cards. Adding for simplicity. Current count by color (including guild) W-119 U-118 B-117 R-120 G-115 Assuming no guild cards are cut we need to cut 3 red, 2 white & 1 blue card.
Light Up the StageJudith, the Scourge DivaSphinx of ForesightRhythm of the WildTeferi, Hero of Dominaria

Ravnica Allegiance Changes

Still testing: [[Light Up The Stage]] [[Judith, The scourge Diva]] [[Sphinx of Foresight]] [[Rhythm of the Wild]]
Call of the Herd > End-Raze ForerunnersBroken Bond > CindervinesAethersphere Harvester > Dovin, Grand ArbiterVorapede > Biogenic OozeBrainstorm > Recruiter of the GuardMission Briefing > Imperial Recruiter

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