RIX testing/updates

Need to cut around 15 cards sometime soon.
Savannah Lions > Skymarcher AspirantJourney to EternityDire Fleet DaredevilJadelight RangerSkinrender > Ravenous Chupacabra


Unstable additions

Better late than never?
ClocknapperMore or LessGO TO JAILThe Grand CalcutronSubcontract

Ixalan Additions

Testing 7 cards from Ixalan. I feel like 3-5 will make the cut. Now we also need to cut some cards. Here are my prerelease rankings: Carnage Tyrant Hostage Taker Chart a Course Sorcerous Spyglass Rampaging Ferocidon Search for Azcanta Thalia's Lancers
Thalia's LancersRampaging FerocidonHostage TakerCarnage TyrantChart a CourseSorcerous SpyglassSearch for Azcanta

Commander Update

Kefnet's Last Word > Fractured Identity

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