Chamber of Manipulation > Wash Out There may or may not have been two Chamber of Manipulations in the cube. I don't even know if that card is good, and I definitely don't want two of them. Into it's place comes Wash Out, a favorite from other cubes. I don't know if the card is good, or plays well, but I'll defer to the wisdom of smarter cubers than me.

Errant Changes, Pt. 1

Kurgadon > Arrogant Wurm Kurgadon is doing very little in the cube with so few 6+cmc creatures. There is a number of draw+discard peices in the cube. For now these mostly power out the number of Threshold cards present in the cube, but Arrogant Wurm has the potential to do something cool, so it goes in. This Arrogant Wurm change also opens the door to Circular Logic in the future. We'll see.

Whoops, Counting is Hard!

I can't count! With these changes we go to a total 360. In comes some jank, but we can work things out... later!
Battle StrainConstant MistsUntamed WildsShimmering EfreetUndoTrap RunnerHope and GloryLurking Jackals

Whoops, Master's Edition!

Turns out the MTGO Master's Editions had rarity shifts I didn't know about. I also hear they were great draft formats, but I never got to play them. Flashback draft, MTGO? You may also notice that 4 Chars have been removed. I put in 4 *Char*ms... you see how this goes. Finally, all cards should be the edition they will be in the cube. These are all original old borders that were uncommon at their printing, except Psionic Blast, which was an uncommon at it's timeshifted printing, and costs like $12 for the unlimited edition.
CharCharCharCharConcentrateGoblin WarrensFireballArmadillo CloakCharging TrollBlazeLava Hounds

TMUC Upload, pt.2

Assassin's BladeCaptain's ManeuverChainer's EdictCrosis's CharmDarigaaz's CharmGerrard's VerdictJabari's BannerKarona's ZealotLaquatus's CreativityLim-Dul's VaultMan-o'-WarMishra's FactoryPemmin's AuraRith's CharmSeer's VisionSeton's ScoutSisay's RingSquee's RevengeTwigwalkerUrza's BaubleWhip Sergeant

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