Azorius Guildmage > Reflector MageCytoplast Root-Kin > Surrak, the Hunt CallerStatus > Nivmagus ElementalThief of Sanity > Ingenious InfiltratorFires of Yavimaya > Thrash // Threat

down to 405

Didn't realize I was off by two cards. I think 3cmc counterspells now with the increased speed arer just too slow. And Shaman, while a cool card, just doesnt have the oomph I want from a card at four mana here. Maybe I should find a different cut, but it's just too easy to trade with.
Shaman of the Great HuntDisallow

upgrade from MH1

Carrier Thrall > Putrid Goblin

Plumeveil > Azorius Guildmage

Discovery > Fallen Shinobi

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