Update Plans

So far I'm very happy with the results of cutting cards that are too easy to auto-win with (e.g. Hatred) that are just terrible when they're not winning. Cards like Temur Battlerage can set up wins, but it's an interesting card in combat outside of that and it requires an allocation of resource and focus for winning that I like. Current plans for the next updates: 1 - REMOVE CARDS THAT AREN'T MAKING THE MAIN OFTEN. I won't take them all out until I build the cube in paper though. Cards like Coordinated Assault might be great, but just keeps ending in the sideboard. I will keep a card like that until I really see it in action when I build the cube. However, it's been clear that Conqueror's Flail is just too clunky. I wish it was either one to play or one to equip, but as 2 and 2, it's just hard to fit that on any part of the curve. 2 - ADD MORE COUNTERS SYNERGY. Green has such a strong +1/+1 counters theme that I'd like it to work with more colors than just black. Black really has the payoff in the Golgari gold cards, but I think UG, WG, and RG can all care about it. Looking to add more cards like Volt Charge that are playable on their own but also give you creative incentive. +1/+1 counters are the perfect value cards for this cube because of the way resources are allocated and how they're only two-for-ones when they make combat swings. 3 - IMPROVE THE MANA. This doesn't necessarily mean adding more lands, there are plenty, but rather keeping in mind what archetypes need in terms of mana. I was hoping Urge to Feed would be awesome in BG counters with some of the black vampires, but that deck has really struggled to cast BB cards. So properly orienting and limited cards with double-color requirements needs to be re-evaluated. Especially in the white 3cmc section. 4 - RECONSIDER WHAT 5CMC MEANS FOR THIS CUBE. Is Avacyn too good? Should I add Glorybringer? Does Wingmate Roc break the thesis of the cube? Should I add Dictate of Heliod? I've purposefully chosen to omit 6cmc+ cards from this cube, which means 5cmc defines top-end. I want to put more thought into what this means and make appropriate changes. Both to what 5cmc cards are in the cube, how many per color, and the roles they play. It's things like this that lead me to believe that, while Basandra, Battle Seraph was a good idea and could be cool in a Boros Midrange deck (e.g. http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/1080758), it just doesn't belong in the cube given the way games and archetypes play out and will be cut in this update.

green updates

Forgotten Ancient, while cool, is just a bit slow. And Wildbeastmaster is a bit too much of a blowout or do nothing. Root Kin and Nantuko seem like great additions for +1/+1 counter manipulation to complicate combat.
Forgotten Ancient > Cytoplast Root-KinWild Beastmaster > Phantom Nantuko

Red Updates

Heartpiercer just felt too clunky just like Banshee. Could see adding it back in, but wat to try Enthralling Victor. Could be great in both the sacrifice decks and as a topend card for just normal aggressive decks. Fling is just too narrow. It's possible Thud or Collateral Damage are good in the cube, but there's no need for too much extra Termur Battlerage like cards. Volt Charge is a card I'm excited to add. 3cmc Bolt is playable in this cube, and I think the Proliferate will be good once I finish all the updates. It's great in GR, but I'm going to add some more counter synergies in all the other colors soon, which should make subtle proliferate cards worth a bit more. Lastly, with the edition of Basilisk Collar, I think Sharpshooter has to go. It already breaks a lot of what the cube is about, even though it does have a large effect on combat. I think there were just too many ways to blow opponent out from 20 with goblin bombardment/judith etc shenanigans, and this one makes the most sense to cut. RG has a small energy subtheme, and the hellion should be good in BR as sac fodder post combat anyways. Note: unsure if Abrade or Harnassed lightning is better, but I know I don't want 2x easy to cast 2cmc or less 3dmg spells. With energy subtheme I'm on lightning now, but this could be wrong.
Mardu Heart-Piercer > Enthralling VictorFling > Volt ChargeGoblin Sharpshooter > Lathnu Hellion

blue update

I thought Deceiver would be a nice defensive trick, but it's just not good enough. It'll have gotya moments, but overall just too low impact for this level of cube without twin. Thassa is a great fit here. Turning her on isn't super easy, but the activated ability complicates things in how the opponent has to play. Especially with all the Sabateur effects. I may add Biden't of Thassa at some point, and the likely cut would be Sleep (or Equillibrium if it turns out too good). I think sleep is a good include in this cube, although again it swings combat in a way that might be a negetive experience. Then again, U doesn't hit hard so it's probably fine. It does work well with Thassa and have nice flavor too though.
Deceiver Exarch > Thassa, God of the Sea

Black Updates

Banshee was just a bit too awkward. At 3BB, not always getting the benefit just means you don't include the card unlike Vengful Rebel. This would be a good card at 4cc for this cube. With zero tutors in the cube, I like adding Sidisi as top end. A 4/6 defensive body will be good for making sure games don't always end so early. Hatred is just too swingy. It's either dead or it ends the game. Occassionally you'll be behind and have to playa sweet game of "can I just pad my lifetotal enough to win with hatred", but I don't think that outways the times it feels like Splinter twin. Currently black is going to struggle on resillient creatures, so I wanted an instant speed exile removal spell. I'm also adding Thassa and maybe Oketra, so the got benefit is a nice boost especially because seeing a hand in a cube with combat tricks seems like a reasonable plus.
Morkrut Banshee > Sidisi, Undead VizierHatred > Hour of Glory

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