WAR Updates

Lots of awesome new editions thanks to this set having themes in the cube already (proliferate, spells matters, and heroic). Rhonas looks like an interesting card to try out. Since it doesn't augment toughness nor give trample, I think it will play well without being a groan test. Thornling is good, but overall either too expensive for immediate impact or annoying to play against. Burning Fist Minotaur was there as just a good red 2 with threat of activation. Arcanist helps both spells and heroic and is still a Wizard for Adeliz. Might also add Burning Prophet, but that may be too low impact. Krenko is the perfect rabblemaster for this cube. Complicates racing situations, has incredible ceiling, but also can't even trade the turn it comes down. Phantom Nantuko may come back, but is a bit clunky and Sage is perfect. Pain Seer was too clunky. All the other Bob variants are better. Taskmaster plays into what this cube wants and still can provide combat CA. Sakashima Student is fine, but not special. It's also 30$ that I don't want to spend hehe. Callous Dismissal is amazing because +1/+1 synergies and a tempo addition. Relic Seer in a cube this dedicated to combat struggles to hit and the equipment aren't amazing anyways. I wanted another one-drop. Gideon's Lawkeeper as a 1/1 and requiring white I think makes it worse than enforcer even though enforcer can't tap 1-drops. Fauna Shaman will likely make it back in, but it's the only green 2 with lack of synergy and I think Druid will be great. Both Tajic and Aurelia are awesome. they work with counters synergies, but I think Feather and the Legionnaire really help WR be heroic, which is something I want for the environment. May seed more things for that soon. Qasali Pridemage may need to come back in the cube if I'm cutting too many Disenchants, but it's the easy swap for Huatli's Raptor. Ongoing Investigation was a good idea, but I think ends up being too slow. Merfolk Skydiver is a proactive two-drop with synergies and a mana sink! Both Quicksand and Desert were fine, but ranged from meh to oppressive depending on matchups. I want another 5c land and Bastion seems like a nice second copy of Gavony Township. The other cards from the set that could make it in, but didn't are Blast Zone, Tyrant's Scorn, Domri's Ambush, Roalesk, Contentious Plan, Burning Prophet, and Mizzium Tank.
Thornling > God-Eternal RhonasBurning-Fist Minotaur > Dreadhorde ArcanistNajeela, the Blade-Blossom > Krenko, Tin Street KingpinPhantom Nantuko > Evolution SagePain Seer > Eternal TaskmasterSakashima's Student > Callous DismissalRelic Seeker > Law-Rune EnforcerFauna Shaman > Pollenbright DruidTajic, Legion's Edge > Tenth District LegionnaireAurelia, Exemplar of Justice > Feather, the RedeemedQasali Pridemage > Huatli's RaptorOngoing Investigation > Merfolk SkydiverQuicksand > Karn's BastionDesert > Undiscovered Paradise

quick swap

Tymna is like a million other cards in this cube, and Athreos just goes really well with the Orzhov style in this cube.
Tymna the Weaver > Athreos, God of Passage

quick swap

Lawkeeper is just a bit clunky overall, and Bond-Kin as a nice lord seems great. Will likely add another white one-drop at some point though.
Gideon's Lawkeeper > Ainok Bond-Kin

quick swap

can't believe I missed how perfect Chart is for this cube. Familiar's Ruse was more cute than anything else. I liked how the U cards can jump in and uot but forcing the tempo negative play here isn't great. Other cards on my current watchlist: Bomat Courier, Always Watching/Spear of Heliod, Heliod, Bonesplitter, Lighning Mauler, Memory Lapse, Imposing Sovereign, Heirloom Blade, Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse/Ash Barons
Familiar's Ruse > Chart a Course

Upping one-drops

Wanted more one mana creatures in the cube. Peek is great, but still a bit clunky when there's always combat. Probe is fine for that effect and I don't think I need another. Adding Raptor since another flying man will help Ninjutsu and counter synergies might be nice. Spider Umbra just seems too clunky. I think Hyena is fine because white wants it more and first strike is useful in this cube way more than reach. Captive will have a nice game that taxes holding up interactive spells while also being a decent threat-of-activation one-drop. Gnarled Scarhide is a bit of an experiment. I like that the ninjutsu deck can pick up something to enchant an evasive creature or help one of their ninjas through. Also just an interesting one drop centered around combat. Blinkmoth is just too low impact and Fleetwheel is a nice colorless top-end card. Wing Shards is just too clunky as the worst settle the wreckage ever. Legion's Landing should be a nice one-drop that has a fun mini-game. ------------------------------------------ I think the cube is finally tuned and ready for real person testing. Will be putting the whole thing together now! Most cards are now in the list with a purpose, curves and power-toughness lineups look good, not as many instawins and cards that make combat miserable, and a bit more synergies!
Blinkmoth Nexus > Fleetwheel CruiserSpider Umbra > Wolfbitten CaptiveFungal Infection > Gnarled ScarhidePeek > Cloudfin RaptorWing Shards > Legion's Landing

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