Playtest > Draft

Done a bunch of "Playtest > Draft" and made a bunch of small tweaks. Here's where we're at: W - WW - NO (keep having to splash red or black) U - MUC - TICK (Vedalken Shackles and Cryptic Command are decent incentives to stay mono-U) B - MBC - TICK R - RDW - TICK G - Stompy - TICK WU - Control - TICK UB - Combo Reanimator - BIG TICK (turn one Griselbrand!) BR - Goblins - TICK (with cool artifact reanimation sub-theme) RG - Stompy - TICK GW - Hate Bears - TICK WU - Skies - TICK UB - Faeries - TICK (but maybe add [card]Mistbind Clique{/card] for extra power) BR - Aggro - TICK RG - Aggro - TICK GW - Ramp - TICK WR - Aggro - TICK UG - Ramp - TICK BW - Control Reanimator - TICK RU - Wizards - TICK GB - Value Reanimator - TICK WR - Big Boros - TICK UG - 5C - TICK BW - Tokens - TICK RU - Control/Twin - TICK GB - Attrition - TICK <3

More WW power improvements

Having both Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard seemed unnecessary. Danitha should give White Weenie a bit more power. Similarly adding Battleskull should make Stoneforge a safer pick. Now up to 4 equipment (Jitte, Clamp, Batterskull and SoFI.) Might even need one or two more?
Recruiter of the Guard > Danitha Capashen, ParagonTorrential Gearhulk > Batterskull

Remove Etched Oracle

4C is weird and 5C doesn't need the extra help, it's already pretty powerful. Spellskite offers an interesting counter to kiki combo and probably does some other cool things.
Etched Oracle > Spellskite

Small adjustments

Fiend Hunter just has better art, and a 1/3 is more interesting. Burnished Hart is too mana intensive, Palladium Myr is more powerful. Might even become Worn Powerstone in the future.
Banisher Priest > Fiend HunterBurnished Hart > Palladium Myr

Remove Saheeli/Felidar Guardian Combo

White Weenie needed some more support, and the Kiki/Twin combo is already in there. This seemed too much.
Saheeli Rai > Izzet CharmFelidar Guardian > Knight of the White Orchid

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