Impressions on some cards from actual play

So I've been testing some of the drafted decks against each other on Tappedout and here are my impressions of the new cards that have seen play so far: * Opalescence - See post below on Opalescence / Parallax Wave. * Drifting Djinn - I like this card more than I thought I would. It's the largest creature from this era that can put itself into the graveyard. It especially plays into the UB reanimator playstyle but is a perfectly acceptable finisher in other decks. Definitely more interesting than Avatar of Will * Parallax Tide - While specifically added to help the WU Replenish archetype I think this plays really well in UG and UR tempo builds as well. It can punish greedy 3+ color decks by putting them off of a color for multiple turns, or simply act as an effective time walk against some decks, giving you a few more turns to beat them up with your 1-3 drops unimpeded. However, if I put this into the main cube I will have to make sure that Lotus Vale and Scorched Ruins go out, as it is yet another card that hoses those. I think having one more card that hoses them will put them firmly over the line into traps. * Phyrexian Gargantua - I need to make a P/T breakdown of the cube and really look it over as I'm noticing I have a lot of 4 toughness creatures in general and a lot of 4/4s specifically. Which is especially relevant as it means they die to Wildfire and Crater Hellion. Whether or not this is a good thing I have yet to decide. This card strikes me as just OK in play. It gives you plenty of gas to keep going but the body isn't that impressive in terms of closing out games and it's not something you really want to blink or bounce too much. * Duress - I like this card a lot in play. Now that I've drastically scaled back black's instant speed removal this is a way of changing black's answers from reactive to proactive. It gives black a way of dealing with stuff like Zephid's Embrace which without instant speed removal is often an auto-lose card. * Befoul - The card is fine. Not sure whether I like it over the other options as it can only hit nonblack creatures, but it does its job well and being able to hit lands is an added bonus. * Stampede Driver- Love love love this card. Comes down fast and turns lands into mini-overruns. Great way to shove through that last little bit of damage. This might just be the boost that GW or RG aggro needs, and it plays well in GX token decks as well. Definitely putting this one in. * Yavimaya Granger- The card is just OK. I'm feeling like it's a little too similar to Wood Elves, although it CAN fix mana. I remain undecided on this one. * Argothian Wurm - This card is not as powerful as it looks at first glance but it does lead to interesting play patterns. It's incredibly oppressive on T3-T4 but gets rapidly worse after that. * Kavu Chameleon - This saw a lot of play back in the day, but I dunno. It's yet another 4/4 that doesn't help you break board stalls. It can't be countered, which isn't all that relevant in most matchups, and it can dodge color protection and black removal. So it's good against blue, white, and black, but in marginal ways that don't really help you end the game. Time will tell here, I remain unconvinced for now. * Hidden Gibbons - This is a lot easier to play around that it looks like at first glance, as I've been removing a lot of instant-speed interaction in favor of enchantments and sorceries. It's an OK card but not a great one. * Seal of Strength - It helps end games and is anti-durdle, which I'm all for. Also good with Monk Idealist and Femeref Enchantress - I think I'm going to replace Charging Troll with the latter. * Henge of Ramos - Wow this card is terrible. I mean, I knew it wasn't great but wow. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of other options. Either Stalking Stones or reaching ahead for Crystal Quarry or Grand Colosseum

Gamekeeper > Argothian Wurm

Flowstone Thopter > Draco

Opalescence / Parallax Wave

So the first thing I'm realizing upon playtesting some of the early decks is that Opalescence is entirely too good with Parallax Wave. I had thought of Opalescence primarily as a finisher for enchantment control prison decks, and I had even considered using Parallax Wave to reset itself and the other fading enchantments with Opalescence out... ...but what I hadn't considered was the fact that you can remove the last counter from Parallax Wave to blink itself while its other activations are on the stack and so permanently exile your opponent's creatures. This is a two card combo that locks your opponents out of playing creatures and comes down on turn 3-4. Now Monk Idealist / Parallax Wave is already in the cube, but that is much, much easier to interact with than this is. Because that requires you to re-cast the Wave, you have another window to counter it, you can kill Idealist while it's on the stack, or you can use enchantment removal on the Wave. But with this combo you MUST have enchantment removal for Opalescence because Parallax Wave can blink itself in response to any removal. It's really unfortunate as I like Opalescence as a finisher rather than a combo / lock piece.

Improving aggro a little

Torch Song > Sulfuric Vortex

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