More self-mill
Bitter RevelationContingency PlanDark BargainDimir CharmFortune's FavorGlimpse the FutureGurmag DrownerMoonlight BargainNagging ThoughtsRal's OutburstStrategic PlanningSultai SoothsayerTaigam, Sidisi's HandTaigam's SchemingThief of SanityUnderrealm LichThree WishesTower Geist

Yawgmoth's Will

Spell cast punishes
Mondronen ShamanNezahal, Primal TidePainful Quandary

Move to sb
TerrarionSilent GravestoneScrabbling ClawsPyrite SpellbombPanic SpellbombNecrogen SpellbombImplement of FerocityGuild GlobeFlight SpellbombChromatic StarChromatic SphereAether Spellbomb


These might be playable if there are enough "when you cast non-creature spell" triggers, and I could even experiment with ways to recur them.
Guild GlobeTerrarionChromatic StarChromatic SphereAether SpellbombFlight SpellbombImplement of FerocityNecrogen SpellbombPanic SpellbombPyrite SpellbombScrabbling ClawsSilent Gravestone

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