without the sliver marker need artifact

I didn't like removing the clay statue to start with, and there are a couple others i would like to bring in, but numbers. This won out over Manakin and Obsianus Golem
Clay Statue

no thallids

not a good enough mechanic in my opinion, and tokens isn't going to be in the cube.
Feral ThallidThorn Thallid

some madness is just not worth it

these are so situational and not worth it when stood on their own. Fiery Temper is ok, but gets out classed fast, and usually with a better cost/effect. with 360 cards for this cube, i just can't see these making it. the other three madness cards stand ok on their own and just have the bonus of being madness (which is how the ability should have been in the first place)
Arrogant WurmFiery TemperFrantic PurificationPsychotic Haze

I built a sliver test deck

it did not go well. at 40 cards, with EVERY common available to me, I still only managed to make a passable deck. I'm pretty sure it's due to the singleton nature of the cube and to the lack of slivers. 15 cretures, +3 if i include the mistforms. but as I looked that was it, and the rest was jsut "best cards from every color" to help make a decent aggro deck. problem is slivers aren't value without more of them. the point is to have a million of them. 15 with a few pump spells, draw mechanics, and graveyard fetch just wasn't going to make a GOOD deck. barely passable is where I would put it. So as much as it kind of hurts me, and i would like to say just take them all if you draft it, i think slivers are out. just purely by percentages and color needs. Bye guys.
Winged SliverTalon SliverQuick SliverPlated SliverMuscle SliverMnemonic SliverMistform SliverMetallic SliverHunter SliverHorned SliverHeart SliverCrypt SliverClot SliverBarbed SliverArmor Sliver

slivers in to make deck

i'm jumping ahead and want to put an example deck in already. I'll do this kind of nonsense again if i change out cards that are in this deck
Armor SliverBarbed SliverClot SliverCrypt SliverWinged SliverTalon SliverQuick SliverPlated SliverMuscle SliverMnemonic SliverMistform SliverHunter SliverHorned SliverHeart Sliver

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