Guilds of Ravnica

M19 and Commander 18 Update

Dominaria Changes

W Dauntless Bodyguard U Upheaval B Final Parting swap for Bone Shredder Josu Vess, Lich Knight swap for Nekrataal Cabal Therapy swap for Diabolic Edict Collective Brutality Phyrexian Scriptures R Keldon Overseer swap for Collective Defiance Verix Bladewing G Territorial Allosaurus A Karn, Scion of Urza C Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Darigaaz Reincarnated swap for Broodmate Dragon Muldrotha, the Gravetide Over and Under Preforming Cards: White has been doing well, adding more enchantment support and tokens has been good. Feels good overall. Imposing Sovereign or any card that creatures enter tapped has had high impact. Stalking Leonin Felt really good. Academy Rector Duh. Amazing. Exalted Angel The idea was to have this help keep red in check, but no one seems to play it. Momentary Blink When was the last time this was played? Collective Effort No one seems to play it, even if it appears versatile. Oketra's Last Mercy Still want to try it but no one seems interested. Slaughter the Strong Small sample size but keep an eye out, hasn't seen play.Might be too narrow and have to be drafted. Blue feels fine, again no united theme outside of trying to operate at instant speed. Thing in the Ice Doesn't feel like it sees a lot of play. Pull from Tomorrow Feels like no one wants this. Search for Azcanta Overperforming. Overall black feels very tight (or maybe just linear with zombies and reanimator), but for the first time it has a clear purpose. This makes it feel better to play but hard to add and subtract cards. It feels like we have lost some of the objective power and efficiency the color had before. Dead Man's Chest Testing for the laughs, but likely a removal. Zombie Infestation Not enough testing but might not be good enough. Nekrataal/Bone Shredder This effect is adding up, and Ravenous Chupacabra is better, Skinrender is a little different and a Zombie, and Shriekmaw is more versatile. Vampire Nighthawk This is a good card, but it doesnt build into anything with what Black is doing other than being efficient. Rathi Trapper Any time this sees play it feels like it does a ton, but it doesn't see a lot of play. Chainer's Edict With Vona's Hunger and Diabolic Edict do we need a sorcery speed version that can reoccur? Red has always felt like it had a clear purpose, trying to add the Wildfire decks and these are making a small impact. It gives the color an extra dimension. Need to long at high end red cards to supplement. Stone Rain It's not always fun, and LD has slowly been removed, but there are times where it feels super important. Pillage is good because artifacts have been seeing more play, but is there a place for stone rain? The 4 drops and 5 drops feel very good. But the red deck will only play one of each, this gives incentives to other colors to go big with red (and green has been the go to color pairing with Wildfire). It might feel a tad too linear with the RDW. Countryside Crusher I like it a lot but it never sees play. Probably need to cut. Green feels like green, its the go to splash color but also is very powerful if you can go Mono. Jadelight Ranger Has not seen play yet. Tireless Tracker Still doing tons of work. Wayward Swordtooth A 5/5, even for 3 is just meh, but the extra land drops feel good. Not sure where he falls. Ghalta, Primal Hunger He played way better than I ever though. Sometimes you want a 12/12 trample. Birthing Pod Is seeing no play. Should just be Survival of the Fittest? Does this require more support than just the card itself (aka Squee)? Rancor Like Momentary Blink its a tired and true card, but no one seems to ever play it... Multi Color has been slowly getting paired down. Each multi color feels more impactful, but it does feel like the 5 color good stuff decks are in decline. No one seems to play them any more, could be related to Nate trying out archetypes though. Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast Not enough play to make a judgement, needs more testing. Regisaur Alpha Needs more testing, but as Dinos are being added it feels a little better. 6 B/W cards...all are good but might need to trim down. Nissa, Steward of Elements This has been amazing. Dack Fayden Doing better as artifacts are being added. Ral Zarek Just feels less impactful than he should. Removed? Lands feel good, maybe another cycle? Allied or enemy pair? Maybe try adding shardlands again? Fetchable lands feel good, maybe fast lands? Cards to Consider: Cast Down Divest Vicious Offering Rekindling Phoenix Cards I Want to Cut: Birthing Pod Eidolon of the Great Revel Countryside Crusher Avalanche Riders

Small Update

Need to add Collective Brutality in place of another black card. This update is mostly to balance the colors.
PreordainRepealSearch for AzcantaPropagandaCollective EffortEmeria AngelMaster of the Wild HuntDread Return

RIX Update

Burning of XinyeAcademy RectorRavages of WarEvolving Wilds > Evolving WildsWayward SwordtoothWarkite MarauderVona's HungerTilonalli's SummonerTetzimoc, Primal DeathSlaughter the StrongRekindling PhoenixRavenous ChupacabraProfane ProcessionJourney to EternityJadelight RangerGhalta, Primal HungerEtali, Primal StormDire Fleet DaredevilDead Man's Chest

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