Brutal Hordechief > Coveted Jewel

Commander 18 Tests

Excited to see some of these cards, though unsure how many will stick longterm. Emissary is sweet bc we might have a cubable redirect effect. Retrofitter is a cool Trading Post varient. Saheeli should be sweet for the artifact deck. Ancient Stone idol should work out in both the recurring nightmare deck and the grixis artifact deck, both for tinker and welder. Not sure if Entreat is here for the longterm, but I wanna try it. I really like Night Incarnate, feel he opens up a lot of different lines of play. I like incidental graveyard hate and I think Slime could be fun. Not quite den protector evasion but close. Not sure Yavimaya Elder is the longterm cut, I fuckin love that card.
Emissary of GrudgesSaheeli, the GiftedRetrofitter FoundryAncient Stone IdolEntreat the DeadNight IncarnateRavenous SlimeHazoret the FerventRal ZarekGitaxian ProbeLife // DeathRuin RaiderDoom BladeYavimaya Elder

Master of Waves > The Antiquities War

The Antiquities War > Arcane Artisan

Gavony Township > Knight of the Reliquary

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