Urban Evolution > Tatyova, Benthic DruidPit Fight > StormbindMakindi Sliderunner > Slice and DiceConsul's Lieutenant > Noble TemplarVesuvan Shapeshifter > Chief EngineerMagus of the Bazaar > BreakthroughRush of Ice > Lonely SandbarDocent of Perfection > Decree of SilenceOvertaker > Cloud of FaeriesInkwell Leviathan > Beacon of TomorrowsRadiant's JudgmentSecluded SteppeAncient DenMyth RealizedGlassdust HulkSarcatog

Hammer of Purphoros > Ravenous Intruder

Pre-Dominaria Changes

Biggest changes are removing the morph package and replacing it with quite a few tap/untappers and cyclers. Switching out some powerful cards for some more toned-down interaction (Though some cycling cards are powerful in their own right, so it's maybe more of a sidegrade). Dominaria has some really cool cards I'd like to swap in, so I will be working on getting some of those when I can as well.
Anurid Brushhopper > Fleetfoot PantherDimir Infiltrator > Dimir DoppelgangerIzzet Charm > Storm the VaultFire // Ice > Marchesa's SmugglerBasking Rootwalla > Sakura-Tribe ElderGrizzly Fate > Squirrel NestYavimaya Enchantress > Argothian ElderWorld Breaker > Conclave NaturalistsReckless Bushwhacker > Smoldering CraterTwin Bolt > Mogg FanaticInvigorated RampageNightbird's Clutches > Vithian StingerTormenting Voice > Forgotten CaveRift Bolt > CarbonizeGhirapur Gearcrafter > Embraal Gear-SmasherHammer of Purphoros > Hammer of PurphorosHerald of Torment > Street WraithRead the Bones > Underworld ConnectionsDread Return > Oath of GhoulsDespoiler of Souls > Bloodhunter BatBane of the Living > Decree of PainSilent Specter > Nightshade AssassinZombie Cutthroat > Tomb RobberRuthless Ripper > Urborg Syphon-MageCyclone Sire > Shoreline RangerGrand Architect > Seat of the SynodChilling Grasp > PuppeteerDeranged Assistant > FatestitcherWillbender > Brain FreezeRiptide Survivor > Frantic SearchFathom Seer > Trade RoutesAdvanced StitchwingRiptide Pilferer > Reality ShiftStratus Dancer > Lunar ForceDisruptive Pitmage > ComplicateBrine Elemental > Vizier of Tumbling SandsAngel of Salvation > Decree of JusticeTwilight Drover > Spirit BondsSubjugator Angel > Visionary AugmenterPentavus > Magistrate's ScepterSphere of the Suns > Khalni GemSword of the Animist > Armory of IroasAether Spellbomb > Reito LanternChromatic Sphere > Pristine TalismanHelm of the Gods > Brittle Effigy

Legion's Initiative > Warleader's HelixWee Dragonauts > Saheeli RaiAltered Ego > Shapers of NatureGhor-Clan Rampager > Raging SwordtoothGrenzo, Dungeon Warden > Lyzolda, the Blood WitchFathom Feeder > Prized AmalgamFar // Away > Taigam, Sidisi's HandCathodion > Crystalline CrawlerSigil of Distinction > Trading PostLivewire Lash > Ratchet BombGlint-Sleeve Artisan > Recruiter of the GuardGift of Estates > Open the ArmoryRevoke Existence > ClearVigean Graftmage > Dreamscape ArtistShu Yun, the Silent Tempest > Laboratory ManiacForgotten Creation > CompulsionCompulsive Research > AttunementCytoplast Manipulator > Legacy's AllureBrainstorm > Chart a CourseGrim Discovery > Zombie InfestationSultai Scavenger > Dread ReturnLiliana's Elite > Blood ArtistWar-Name Aspirant > AtogBorderland Marauder > Firebrand ArcherAbbot of Keral Keep > Insolent NeonateQal Sisma Behemoth > Raptor HatchlingBarrage of Expendables > Makeshift MunitionsGeistflame > FireboltNature's Way > Appetite for the UnnaturalZendikar's Roil > Realms UnchartedWild Wanderer > Traverse the UlvenwaldAquastrand Spider > Spike FeederArborback Stomper > Rishkar, Peema RenegadeNest Invader > Dreampod DruidNantuko Cultivator > Tishana's WayfinderYasova Dragonclaw > Merfolk Branchwalker

semi-Ixalan Update

Getting a little bit more cycling into the mix (but still want/need more support for that archetype). Removed Yawgmoth's Bargain for being slightly too powerful. Thankfully, Ixalan gave us a Greed-like card that seems fun to play with. The land might even be relevant in this cube as a sac outlet.
Bishop of RebirthDaring SaboteurBoneyard ParleyRepeating BarrageWaker of the WildsRevolutionary Rebuff > Metallic RebukeSaheeli's Artistry > Curator of MysteriesAether Tradewinds > Hieroglyphic IlluminationOlivia's Dragoon > Yahenni, Undying PartisanYawgmoth's Bargain > Arguel's Blood FastScourge of Skola Vale > Deeproot Champion

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