Titania Balance Change #2

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Sylvan Safekeeper

Titania Balance Change

Removing Zuran Orb since Titania is a little busted with it. Titania may actually be too strong for the cube, but this removes a near-instant-win combo that requires little investment.
Zuran Orb

EMN/KLD Update

Epic Confrontation > Nature's WayStingscourger > Stromkirk OccultistCall of the Full Moon > Pia NalaarPunishing Fire > Incendiary FlowSubterranean Scout > Furyblade VampireGoblin Assault > Nahiri's WrathCoordinated Assault > Abandon ReasonAura Gnarlid > Gnarlwood DryadServant of the Scale > BloodbriarGyre Sage > Noose ConstrictorTimberland Guide > Obsessive SkinnerCartographer > Stoic BuilderBecome Immense > Grapple with the PastAwakening Zone > Crawling SensationCrop SigilFertilid > Undergrowth ChampionGurmag Angler > Liliana's EliteRotting Rats > Olivia's DragoonExtinguish All Hope > Distended MindbenderTerror > Sinister ConcoctionMinister of Pain > Heir of FalkenrathZombie Infestation > CryptbreakerMerciless Executioner > Haunted DeadOkiba-Gang Shinobi > From Under the FloorboardsExava, Rakdos Blood Witch > Bloodhall PriestVoid Grafter > Altered EgoEzuri, Claw of Progress > Prime Speaker ZeganaNoyan Dar, Roil Shaper > Swans of Bryn ArgollOjutai's Command > CloudblazerWorn Powerstone > Animation ModulePalladium Myr > Foundry InspectorSeer's Lantern > Cryptolith FragmentSphinx's Tutelage > Chilling GraspChief Engineer > Curious HomunculusCloudform > Niblis of FrostProfaner of the Dead > Padeem, Consul of InnovationStitcher Geralf > Enlightened ManiacAnticipate > Drag UnderIxidor, Reality Sculptor > Docent of PerfectionMistblade Shinobi > Aether TradewindsUnblinking Bleb > Forgotten CreationThought Scour > Fortune's FavorPendrell Flux > Revolutionary RebuffStitched Drake > Wretched GryffSandcrafter Mage > Glint-Sleeve ArtisanFavored Hoplite > Pious EvangelOppressive Rays > Bound by MoonsilverEnd Hostilities > Blessed AllianceCaptain of the Watch > Subjugator AngelRally the Ancestors > Angelic PurgeRighteous Confluence > Collective EffortEmeria Angel > Master TrinketeerBlinding Beam > Toolcraft ExemplarTest of Faith > Thraben InspectorRaise the Alarm > Servo ExhibitionUnruly Mob > Ninth Bridge PatrolAviary MechanicStoneforge MysticSaheeli's ArtistryGlint-Nest CraneDespoiler of SoulsCollective BrutalityAbbot of Keral KeepThermo-AlchemistWeaver of LightningWild WandererArborback StomperFiligree FamiliarSky SkiffRenegade FreighterKey to the CityMetalwork ColossusInventor's GogglesExplosive ApparatusDrownyard Temple

typo fix

Borderland Minotaur > Borderland Marauder

multi/white/blue update

Viashino Firstblade > Rise of the HobgoblinsSpark Trooper > Waves of AggressionVitu-Ghazi Guildmage > Aura MutationDeathreap Ritual > Baloth NullExperiment Kraj > Ezuri, Claw of ProgressRubblebelt Raiders > Borborygmos EnragedFires of Yavimaya > Hull BreachBounding Krasis > Urban EvolutionShipwreck Singer > Extract from DarknessAkroan Skyguard > Gift of EstatesKor Spiritdancer > Topan FreebladeFlickerform > Whitemane LionAbzan Advantage > Ronom UnicornWingsteed Rider > Stalwart AvenFabled Hero > FlickerwispFencing Ace > Sandcrafter MageCenn's Enlistment > Sacred MesaDisciple of the Ring > OvertakerTruth or Tale > Perilous ResearchShaper Parasite > Eldrazi SkyspawnerEtherium Sculptor > Man-o'-WarCalculated Dismissal > Scatter to the WindsSynod Artificer > Sphinx's Tutelage

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