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Indulgent TormentorEarwig SquadXathrid DemonSoulflayer

I realized that I want to try and move away from pump in green/white and I love how versatile Dromoka's Command is.
Prepare // FightDromoka's Command

Potential Cards from Guilds of Ravnica

- Dream Eater* - Underrealm Lich - March of the Multitudes* - Legion Warboss* - Ral, Izzet Viceroy - Nulhide Ferox - Response // Reassurance - Find // Finality - Izoni, Thousand-Eyed - Chemister's Insight - Vraska, Golgari Queen* - Expansion // Explosion - Goblin Banneret - Price of Fame* - Shock Lands - MIdnight Reaper* - Goblin Cratermaker - Mission Briefing - Lazav, the Multifarious - Knight of Autumn* - Doom Whisperer* - Trostani Discordant - Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice - Swiftblade Vindicater - Venerated Loxodon* - Nightveil Sprite - Assurance // Association - Haazda Marshal - Risk Factor *Cards I'm really excited for

Strengthening Strategies

The recent changes have been to try and strengthen a few strategies, lifegain, energy (potentially might make it work w/ any 5 colors partially because that helps encourage 3 color decks), pirates (trying to encourage people to add blue to deck), and knights. Another strategy I want to encourage is the go wide strategy, but I'm not so sure how much these changes will encourage it (the strategy would hopefully be based in white and use one or two other colors to strengthen). I'm also kind of adding a goblin strategy which I hope to bolster in the future.
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