3 Color Update: Green

Taking out either Stinging Shot or Savage Summoning. Neither are very good or played. The other card to take out is the Champion of Rhonas. He is just a really bad card which can't even get you something big until turn 5 so you might as well hard cast it. NOTE TO SELF: In the future I should try to add a better green 4 drop as it is lacking in numbers.

3 Color Update: Red

Take out Dragon-Style Twins because I want the 5 drops in red to be finishers but it feels too slow to fill that role.

3 Color Update: Black

Take out Baleful Ammit because there are ten black 3 drops and it is the worst/least interesting one. The other card to take out is Reaper of the Abyss because four 6 drops is a little too much and I don't like how it gives on extra benefit for spamming removal (removal is already op enough). The other option I was considering is Xathrid Demon but he is really strong while still being balanced because you have to build around him. That is why I like him better. The reason I'm taking out two creatures is because black has 40 creatures which is a little extreme.

3 Color Update: Blue

Once I get a good Naya colored card I'm going to add one card for each 3 color combination. In order to do that, I need to take out two cards for each color. For blue the 3 cards that I'm considering are Reef Worm, Shipbreaker Kraken, and Singing Bell Strike. The first two are probably better because blue has a few too many creatures, especially in the 4 and 6 drop slots. Also, all three are just bad and never played cards.

I'm taking out Banisher Priest for a few reasons. First, it is one of too many double white costing cards (especially in the 3 drop slot). Also, I want my cube to focus on synergies which this doesn't really contribute to, acting just as removal on a body. On the other hand, sunscourge will contribute mainly to the life gain strategy and will be a great card to get in your sideboard for the aggro match up.
Banisher PriestSunscourge Champion

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