Iona's Judgment is probably too bad. Effigy gives me a card of similar power power level but has the huge flexibility of being hard removal in any color. I think effigy will be a solid mid range pick whereas Judgement was probably squarely in the bottom. I can certainly live with only one Wanderer's Twig. This also frees up a slot for Fortify. Also another lower level pick for white (which is important) but in the right aggro deck it could help a swarm of little guys end the game before big bad control can take over.
Traveler's Amulet > Brittle EffigyIona's Judgment > Fortify

Ok, I admit this one is mainly for coolness. I forgot about Chaos Warp. It was in my commander deck, but red is leaving that deck, so this card is free. It does something very special: "anything removal". These kinds of cards are so valuable in a cube. The fact that it is red is ever better. I also like that the cost is the risk of your target morphing into something else. This is cool because I like the concept of knocking the power spikes down a bit... good players will likely save the Chaos Warp for a target such that whatever comes up is an improvement. In other words, I like a card that turns a Baneslayer into a Serra Avenger. Still worth a card, but not such an enormous swing. The replacement is probably one of the least exciting cards in the cube. Yes, i'm losing a 2/1 body, but I think I'll live. Torch Fiend was immune from replacement for so long because of his ability to deal with artifacts. Now, if that Steel Hellkite or Behemoth Sledge is ruining your day or can Chaos Warp it. More likey, however, you'll be getting Baneslayer or Tamiyo out of your way so your Hero of Oxid Ridge can finish the job. Finally, some flooded red mage may roll the dice and turn a Mountain into a dragon on his opponent's end step.
Torch Fiend > Chaos Warp

I think black and white had more top tier cards (cards that put you into those colors) than the other colors, and I think the main reason was almost all of the removal qualified as top tier. However, I wasn't so sure I wanted less removal. Some of the threats in the cube are so strong that they almost have to be removed (Banseslayer, Grave Titan, Kalonian Hydra). So, I decided to make some of the black and white removal worse. They key is the new spells still needed to deal with the most powerful threats. I replaced three hard removals with worse hard removals. Two cost more mana, and one requires you to sacrifice a creature. I hope the these cards won't necessarily qualify as top picks, but still serve their purpose by dealing with all of the format's most powerful threats. I think these also might have the added bonus of helping aggressive decks a bit. A two mana kill spell efficiently trades with a three drop, but you really don't want to spend a five mana kill spell on a three drop. However, both are good for stopping a major (usually expensive) threat. Finally, I like the possibility of main deck land destruction and enchantment removal. Both alternate modes will probably be uncommon, but I think it'll be nice to have the option.
Vendetta > Bone SplintersJourney to Nowhere > Iona's JudgmentMurder > Befoul

Hammer of Bogardan recently struck me as extremely expensive. It's hard to fathom games where my best option during my upkeep is to spend five mana to get a 3 damage burn spell back. It's not always bad, but I'd rather use that spot for something else, namely, Wildfire. I've been wanting to try Wildfire for a while (even bought a foil 9th ed), but I finally decided to give it a go because I want to make red slightly less one dimensional (aggro), and I'm interested to find cards with unique effects. I've been watching Royal Assassin for a long time. He often creates these feel-bad board stalls. The fact that he is so fragile sometimes makes it feel worse. The card is not too powerful for the cube, but I wanted to tick the power level of black, specifically black control, back down a bit. Also, I already have the very similar Stronghold Assassin. The replacement is a black aggro card with a sac outlet, something the cube currently lacks. I'm interested to what kinds of things may open up with a repeatable sac outlet.
Hammer of Bogardan > WildfireRoyal Assassin > Carrion Feeder

Eternal Witness > Eternal WitnessSkeletal Vampire > Skeletal Vampire

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