Mind Control > Mind Control

Loved this card the second I saw it. Stopped by local cardshop on the way home and got it in before the next round of play. Trygon is awesome, except maybe I can't afford to put "utility" in a gold slot.
Trygon Predator > Nissa, Steward of Elements

Alright. What's going on here? A 28 card swap? I've rebuilt the guts of the cube. It is now a "polycube". I've defined 360 slots, stuff like "3 mana white creature" or "green artifact and enchant removal". Then, I'm free to swap whatever I want into and out of those slots. I have about 100 cards right now in the "sideboard". I won't be tracking those here. This means that stuff like Brimaz and Master of Wild Hunt will almost certainly be back. They're just resting on the bench for a bit (both of those can dominate games). My design goals have shifted a bit as well. Simplicity and power are less important to me now and flexibility and interestingness more.
Mystic Confluence

Ballynock CohortBehemoth SledgeBirthing PodBlood ScrivenerBoar UmbraBrimaz, King of OreskosBrimstone VolleyChandra, the FirebrandConcentrateDungeon GeistsEssence ScatterFlameblast DragonFlametongue KavuGoblin DiplomatsGrand Arbiter Augustin IVHavengul LichHorobi, Death's WailMaster of the Wild HuntMeloku the Clouded MirrorMirror EntityOdric, Master TacticianOpportunityParalyzing GraspPutrefySilklash SpiderSmash to SmithereensTerra StomperTragic SlipBristling HydraChandra, PyromasterDisciple of the RingFabled HeroFiery ConfluenceGenerator ServantGlint-Sleeve SiphonerHundred-Handed OneIchoridPrognostic SphinxReaper of the WildsRighteous ConfluenceSilumgar's CommandSilvos, Rogue ElementalSinging Bell StrikeSoul of ShandalarSoul of ZendikarStonecloakerThornlingTreasure CruiseVerdant ConfluenceWhirler RogueWorldgorger DragonWretched ConfluencePia and Kiran NalaarOjutai's CommandDromoka's Command

Courser of KruphixCrocanuraMaster BiomancerPerilous MyrStormbreath DragonThragtuskCall of the HerdImperious PerfectPlasm CaptureSilklash SpiderThundermaw HellkiteUnderworld Cerberus

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