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Spider Women

I really like the design of this card. might give the graveyard deck some support. Rattle claw is kinda the least exciting two drop and something needed to be cut from that section.
Rattleclaw Mystic > Ishkanah, Grafwidow

State of the cube!

I'm going to try to document my feelings on the cube mostly for myself. I think it will be nice to see a more in depth look into how this cube changes over time. Also I think that writing my thoughts down might help me design this thing better. White I think is the weakest pile right now. The fours are meh. Palace jailer is a card that I really enjoy. but only certain decks want it. Restoration angel is just the nuts. and the other one card is ranger of eos is bad now. Don't really know why that card came in anyways.I was probably just excited about the reprint and mother is op. Fours are in a weird spot rn. I want 4 mana gideon but he's a planeswalker. Gisela plus Hero are what I should focus on. I want to see how humans/ tokens develops. the only really white decks I have seen do well is the blue based decks with white for wraths and finishers. i think two and three's are good. baneslayer is kinda boring so i think fives are great. I want elesh norn over angel of serenity. Blue power creatures like little jace, snappy, clique and C Sphinx and flash robo. Otherwise blue is guuci Black just needs to get better creatures. WOTC get on that. I'm trying to tune the ratio of what is good for reanimator decks. Don't know what the dedicated reanimator decks want vs just good cards. Red is G. Mono red is good. I love playing new red cards and WOTC is good at making red cards. Might want to shift out some stuff for red/X control/spell decks. I love red and you are usually buying red cards on the cheap. so maybe stop buying new red hotness to clean up the other sections. Green. I want another eternal witness that is real. threes need to be cleaned up. and I want a hoof and big green decks to be better. don't really know what green ramp is the best without just using broken brown ramp. also is treetop village any good? AZOR: Is reflector mage hot? DIM: I want a scarab god. I love ashiok. print good cool dimir SPELLS wotc RAK: G GRL: DRAGON AND STOP PRINTING FOURS SELYA: I want bigger WG wizards. also a finks reprint ORZ: Big Sorin and Magister are fun but kinda bad, might need tuning. GOLG: Might need some of the good BG removal but who knows. SIM: PRINT GOOD SIMIC WOTC IZT: good but i wanna four or five wizards BOR: Is assemble a fun card. I also love nahiri, dont @ me Tri color cards when up to 450? if that happens?

Pauper BONUS goodies

Sold some stuff to build a pauper deck. Karn and grim monolith are too good. swapped him for a more restrictive walker -> Bolas. All hail chupacabra.
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