Modern Horizons update. Both Juniper Order Ranger and Good-Fortune Unicorn have the same main effect, but the unicorn coming down earlier is far more important than the better body and self pump effect of the ranger. Easy swap. Indulgent Tormentor is a mediocre card that only fits into midrange decks. Feaster of Fools can both be a powerful curve topper for aggressive decks and a finisher/value card for sacrifice and token decks. Momentary Blink is a decent value card, but it was never very exciting. Soulherder supports the blink/bounce archetype much better and while it has a relatively low floor it has a very high ceiling. Ephemerate is more or less strictly better than Cloudshift, so it's an easy switch. Omenspeaker is useful, but boring. Faerie Seer is just an overall better card that fits into aggro, blink and skies archetypes perfectly. I imagine Watcher for Tomorrow is better in most situations than Sea Gate Oracle and it is certainly much better in a blink/bounce archetype. Untamed Kavu is versatile, but ultimately neither version is very good. Mother Bear is a lot of value and it works great for token/midrange and graveyard decks.
Juniper Order Ranger > Good-Fortune UnicornIndulgent Tormentor > Feaster of FoolsMomentary Blink > SoulherderCloudshift > EphemerateOmenspeaker > Faerie SeerSea Gate Oracle > Watcher for TomorrowUntamed Kavu > Mother Bear

Another one I forgot, Goblin Motivator for Bloodlust Inciter. Basically the same card, but decent art vs crap art.
Bloodlust Inciter > Goblin Motivator

Forgot one card. Borderland Explorer is a nice card for aggressive green decks, but Paradise Druid should be just as good for that purpose and better for other decks.
Borderland Explorer > Paradise Druid

War of the Spark update. Gifted Aetherborn is a good card, but ultimately it's just a weaker version of Vampire Nighthawk. Sure, it only costs 2 mana, but the CC cost hurts a lot and limits the deck building possibilities with it. I like to get rid of CC cards whenever possible and Eternal Taskmaster is a very nicely designed and potentially powerful card. I imagine most of the time it's a 2/3 attacker you play on turn 2 that ties a blocker later and allows you to exchange it for the most powerful creature in your graveyard. Cytoplast Root-Kin was always a bit weird and whether it's good or not depends a lot on wheter you already have creatures with counters on them or not when you play it. Evolution Sage doesn't have that problem and it has a lot more possible upside too. Easy switch to support the +1/+1 counters deck. Zealous Persecution is a great card, but it's not really needed for anything. Cruel Celebrant is only mediocre as it's basically a harder to cast Zulaport Cutthroat with minimal upside, but the effect is simply so incredibly important for the Orzhov sacrifice deck that I need every even remotely playable card that has it in my cube. Enlisted Wurm is a great value card, but neither white nor green are lacking in the 5+ cmc value bomb department. Pledge of Unity is another card that helps the +1/+1 counters midrange deck.
Gifted Aetherborn > Eternal TaskmasterCytoplast Root-Kin > Evolution SageZealous Persecution > Cruel CelebrantEnlisted Wurm > Pledge of Unity

Forgot Fireball, which is now in my Battlebox. Not going to pay 10 bucks for another CE copy when Rolling Thunder is probably the better option for cube anyway. And it even has an old border, so no regrets here.
Fireball > Rolling Thunder

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