Guilds of Ravnica Update

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Trying to make countermagic a little better.
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M19 Updates

Who doesn't love a good Core set? Encyclopedia seems sweet. Nobody ever played the cloak. Meteor Golem is incredible while Devastator was just a grunt. A very large grunt, but a grunt nonetheless. Draconic fits the current ramp theme better than Regisaur. The g/r/gr 4 slots are packed to the brim already. Brawl-Bash is fun an earned a temporary slot. Blightning will be back when Black goes Control. Dwarven Priest seems like a fun blink target. Propeller isn't exciting. Exclusion Mage is easier to cast than Aether Adept. Mage-o'-War. Mirror image is awesome. Tower Geist isn't. Thud over Skullcrack. I always want Threaten to be good. Doublecast over Flameshot. Siegebreaker over Fire Servant. Slightly less burn makes the build around harder. Dryad Greenspeaker over the rarely played Explore. Based on 2HG Prerelease evidence, the Greenspeaker quickly goes from not worth removing to "man I wish I killed that 6 turns ago." Elvish Rejuvenator probably ramps but doesn't fix consistently. Wood Elves ramps but almost never fixes. Ghirapur Guide was overlooked the 1st printing but caught my attention this time. Hunter's Insight has been iffy. Colossal Majesty replaces the rarely monstrous Domesticated Hydra.
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Battlebond & Beyond.

4 New Battlebonders. 3 New Cascade cards. 5 pieces of hate to handle at least 2 turds at a time. After that I trimmed some fat and tried something new. The Garbage Elemental on the site isn't the one in my cube. I am jamming Garbage Elemental D which is: 4R for a 3/3 with cascade and ETB Roll a die burn opponent that much.
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Next Draft

May 19th. Dark Depths Games. $5

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