Isochron Targets

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Plated Geopede > Dangerous WagerStitch Together > Funeral CharmFlinthoof Boar > Giant GrowthNarcolepsy > Triton TacticsIronclad Slayer > Apostle's BlessingAcrobatic Maneuver > Otherworldly Journey


Memorial is better here.
Halimar Depths > Memorial to Genius

Ravnica Allegiance Update

Drown in Sorrow > Cry of the CarnariumSludge Crawler > Orzhov EnforcerBojuka Bog > Spire ManglerGamekeeper > Gruul BeastmasterReverent Silence > RegenesisBassara Tower Archer > Sauroform HybridBlighted Woodland > Silhana WayfinderBook Devourer > Dagger CasterMight Makes Right > Flames of the Raze-BoarKeldon Megaliths > Light Up the StageIncendiary Flow > Skewer the CriticsPersuasion > Eyes EverywhereMerfolk Trickster > Faerie DuelistWretched Gryff > PteramanderAethersnipe > Swirling TorrentMemorial to Genius > Windstorm DrakeWindbrisk Heights > Ministrant of ObligationCauldron Dance > Macabre MockeryDrana's Emissary > Consecrate // ConsumeDraconic Disciple > Collision // ColossusFires of Yavimaya > Rhythm of the WildTemporal Spring > Applied BiomancyVoid Grafter > Frilled MysticLashweed Lurker > Incubation // IncongruityHussar Patrol > Sphinx of New Prahv


The 2019 Season is upon us and with it comes a shift throughout the Cube. Most notably equipment, Rakdos Control & Selesnya Aggro. A few super powerful cards were cut in addition to the three Timeshifted rares that were still floating around. Artifact hate also went up. Still no "artifacts matter" cards. A few new pieces of monocolor payoff snuck in. Colorless: 10 Having added eight equipment cards and cutting Skullclamp and Sigil of Valor, the equipment total is now 24. Black: 34 Black is far less aggro in 2019. Instead, I dove hard into control. More board wipes, more targeted removal. Reanimation got a kick in the butt with creature and enchantment based pieces and a new slew of threats. In addition to bigger and even more “187 creatures,” Black now has almost as many flying creatures as Blue. White: 32 White has the most cards that interact with equipment including five ways to tutor for it. With these newfound possibilities, flying and lifelink both took a hit while first strike and double strike now both run rampant. A few combat tricks were also sprinkled in along side a little vigilance. Blue: 22 Blue is still Blue. A couple new counter spells slid in but the numbers are approximately the same. A lot of boring creatures got cut and a few good sword carriers and a couple fun high end bodies got added. Red: 21 Red received the least amount of new cards. The creatures were pushed more in the midrange direction by cutting a number of low end bodies and replacing them with menacing sword carriers. After that I slapped in a ton of new board wipes by taking out a bit of burn. Green: 36 Green got angry with big bodies for efficient mana. Landwalking, combat tricks, and hexproof also make some appearances. Mana dorks and other underwhelming or overexpensive beasts got cut to make way for the new aggro archetype. Multicolor: 28 Total cards swapped: 183

2019 Colorless

Lotus Petal > Gorgon's HeadSkullclamp > Sai of the ShinobiElixir of Immortality > Blight SickleFellwar Stone > Heart-Piercer BowStar Compass > KitesailSigil of Valor > No-DachiEdifice of Authority > Rogue's GlovesDreamstone Hedron > Ronin WarclubPilgrim of the Fires > Pilgrim's EyeArtisan of Kozilek > Sandstone Oracle

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