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May 19th. Dark Depths Games. $5

Dominaria Update

Satyr Wayfinder > Adventurous ImpulseScatter the Seeds > Fungal PlotsPredator's Howl > Grunn, the Lonely KingGrapple with the Past > Song of FreyaliseGrizzly Fate > Thorn ElementalBriarpack Alpha > Untamed KavuHollowhenge Spirit > Baird, Steward of ArgiveAviary Mechanic > Mesa UnicornSuspension Field > Seal AwayOrnitharch > Sergeant-at-ArmsKird Ape > Fight with FireEmrakul's Hatcher > Keldon OverseerKeldon Champion > Warcry PhoenixDead Weight > Cast DownSarcomancy > Stronghold ConfessorVulturous Aven > Thallid SoothsayerAbundant Maw > Urgoros, the Empty OneDarkblast > Vicious OfferingDance of the Dead > Whisper, Blood LiturgistInto the Roil > Blink of an EyeSiren Stormtamer > Time of IceIllusory Angel > Tetsuko Umezawa, FugitiveAuger Spree > Garna, the BloodflameArmadillo Cloak > Shanna, Sisay's LegacyCatacomb Sifter > Slimefoot, the StowawayShapers of Nature > Tatyova, Benthic DruidScour from Existence > Pardic WandererSleek Schooner > Skittering SurveyorBlighted Cataract > Memorial to GeniusMortuary Mire > Memorial to FollySandstone Bridge > Memorial to Glory

4/7/18 Draft Results.

3-0-0 4c Control 2-0-1 Dimir Flying 2-0-1 White Weenie 2-1-0 Mardu Tokens 2-1-0 Rakdos Aggro 2-1-0 Rakdos Aggro 1-2-0 Jeskai Flying Spells 1-2-0 Golgari Midrange 1-2-0 Selesnya Midrange 0-3-0 Simic Eldrazi 4c Control Pack 1 Pick 1: Lingering Souls MVP: Bouncelands and Lingering Souls Favorite Play: Efficient Ponders via Terramorphic. Least Favorite: “Not playing T2 Bounceland b/c I thought I was on the draw and didn’t want to discard to hand size. But I was on the play.” 3-0 Dimir Flying Control w/ Garbage Fire Pack 1 Pick 1: Hypnotic Specter MVP: Psychatog Favorite Play: Split Decision copied boardwipe in response to opponent blinking troublesome creature. Least Favorite: Accidental Emerge. 2-0-1 White Weenies Pack 1 Pick 1: Changeling Hero MVP: Spectral Procession & Everdawn Champion Favorite Play: Topdecking Spectral Procession. (Editor’s note: Pro plays.) Least Favorite: Sequencing wrong with Goodnight Commander and Blink effects. 2-0-1 Mardu Tokens Pack 1 Pick 1: Blood Artist MVP: Anh-Crop Crasher Favorite play: Goblin Assault + Loxodon Warhammer. Least Favorite: Warhammer getting Lashweed Lurked. 2-1 Rakdos Aggro Pack 1 Pick 1: Dauthi Slayer MVP: Skullclamp Favorite Play: n/a Least Favorite: n/a 2-1 Rakdos Aggro Pack 1 Pick 1: Firebolt MVP: Oubliette Favorite Play: Temur Battle Rage on Charging Monstrosaur Least Favorite: Having to Fling instead of regenerate Carnage Gladiator in response to removal. 2-1 Jeskai Isochron Fliers Pack 1 Pick 1: Warden of Evos Isle MVP: Lightning Helix Favorite Play: Turn 3 Isochron Scepter w/ Lightning Helix. Least Favorite: Blown out by Oubliette. 1-2 Golgari Midrange Pack 1 Pick 1: Pulse of Murasa MVP: Wickerbrough Elder Favorite Play: Wickerbrough blowing up Propaganda twice. Least Favorite: When the deck didn’t work for 4 more games. 1-2 Selesnya Midrange Pack 1 Pick 1: Master Splicer MVP: Squirrel Nest & Soul’s Attendant Favorite Play: (Editor’s note: Probably beating me, her husband.) Least Favorite: n/a 1-2 Simic Eldrazi Control Pack 1 Pick 1: Clone MVP: None of them. Favorite Play: Cloning my opponent’s Aerial Responder one turn and Mind Controlling it the next. Least Favorite: Beating Reassembling Skeleton + Skullclamp game 2 only to lose to it in game 3. 0-3 WITH MY OWN CUBE. WHY AM I SO BAD AT THIS?

White got the short end of the nonbasic stick, so It gets an upgrade.
Sejiri Steppe > Windbrisk Heights


Twilight Mire > Fetid Heath

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