more cube friendly

Rakdos Cackler > Footlight FiendClan Defiance > Rhythm of the WildSavageborn Hydra > Ravager WurmTooth and Nail > Woodfall Primus

Soul Foundry > Sword of Sinew and SteelHex Parasite > Sword of Truth and JusticeBrushland > Horizon CanopyCaves of Koilos > Silent ClearingYavimaya Coast > Waterlogged GroveShivan Reef > Fiery IsletBattlefield Forge > Sunbaked CanyonLlanowar Wastes > Nurturing Peatland

Ghor-Clan Rampager > Dragonlord Atarka

made these choices because i still want to enforce mono colored cards, but I also wanted to add in more multicolor cards too. So i decided to add in hybrid mana cards that are good in either side of the color spectrum. The last 3 cards already had other hybrid cards in their shared colors. (unmake, boros reckoner, WAR saheeli)
Captain of the Watch > Dovin, Hand of ControlTime Stop > Ashiok, Dream RenderNirkana Revenant > Fulminator MageMoonveil Dragon > ManamorphoseVigor > Kitchen FinksShalai, Voice of Plenty > Selkie Hedge-MageStunt Double > Desecrator HagTwilight Prophet > Stormchaser MageFlame-Wreathed Phoenix > Justice StrikeVizier of the Menagerie > Tidehollow Sculler

M20 update

Vampire Lacerator > Knight of the Ebon LegionDiregraf Ghoul > Vampire of the Dire MoonMogis's Marauder > Rotting RegisaurPyrokinesis > Chandra, Awakened InfernoScatter to the Winds > Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer

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