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Modern Horizons Update

lesser CMC, and more Mono colored cards as well. When Play testing, i saw too many multi colored cards in my packs and high cmc cards, i had to change that
Yosei, the Morning Star > Giver of RunesAngelic Skirmisher > Generous GiftAkroma, Angel of Wrath > Serra the BenevolentMemnarch > Swan SongKeiga, the Tide Star > Rhystic StudyArchetype of Imagination > Urza, Lord High ArtificerLord of the Void > Carrion FeederGeth, Lord of the Vault > PlaguecrafterNecropolis Regent > SkinrenderAkroma, Angel of Fury > FireboltFireblast > Seasoned PyromancerEtali, Primal Storm > Flametongue KavuWoodfall Primus > HexdrinkerPathbreaker Ibex > CultivateSelvala's Stampede > Goreclaw, Terror of Qal SismaLingering Souls > Ranger-Captain of EosHonor of the Pure > Winds of AbandonChandra's Phoenix > Light Up the StageAsceticism > GenesisSpike Jester > Lightning SkelementalGrand Coliseum > Prismatic VistaAzorius Signet > Talisman of IndulgenceDimir Signet > Talisman of DominanceRakdos Signet > Talisman of ProgressGruul Signet > Talisman of ImpulseSelesnya Signet > Talisman of UnityOrzhov Signet > Talisman of ConvictionBoros Signet > Talisman of CreativityIzzet Signet > Talisman of ResilienceSimic Signet > Talisman of CuriosityGolgari Signet > Talisman of HierarchyUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth > Phyrexian TowerTemple of Enlightenment > WastelandTemple of Deceit > Strip MineTemple of Malice > Dust BowlTemple of Abandon > Ghost QuarterTemple of Plenty > Maze of IthTemple of Silence > Secluded SteppeTemple of Malady > Lonely SandbarTemple of Mystery > Barren MoorTemple of Epiphany > Forgotten CaveTemple of Triumph > Tranquil ThicketMana Short > IntuitionYeva, Nature's Herald > VengevineGrand Arbiter Augustin IV > CondemnFar // Away > Adorned PouncerBlightning > Cloudfin RaptorXenagos, God of Revels > Chart a CourseKitchen Finks > UnearthAthreos, God of Passage > Gifted AetherbornAbrupt Decay > Village MessengerShardless Agent > Arc TrailKeranos, God of Storms > Pelt CollectorIroas, God of Victory > Rampant Growth

more mono-color friendly and upgrade for the cube

Lavinia of the Tenth > Thraben InspectorThief of Sanity > Legion's LandingUnderworld Cerberus > PteramanderRubblebelt Raiders > OptAjani, Mentor of Heroes > Tragic SlipGift of Orzhova > Vampire LaceratorSpiritmonger > Monastery SwiftspearCoiling Oracle > Burst LightningStormchaser Mage > Fyndhorn ElvesBoros Guildmage > Mirri's GuileLighthouse Chronologist > Augury OwlSpelltithe Enforcer > Angel of InventionCharmbreaker Devils > Fireblast

Emerald Medallion > Wayfarer's BaubleJet Medallion > Phyrexian AltarPearl Medallion > Mana VaultSapphire Medallion > Rings of BrighthearthRuby Medallion > Platinum Emperion

WAR and Misc Update

Transcendent Master > Resplendent AngelFlickerwisp > Gideon BlackbladeManagorger Hydra > Vivien, Champion of the WildsFleecemane Lion > Ajani, the GreatheartedSarkhan Vol > Domri, Anarch of BolasSorin, Solemn Visitor > Sorin, Vengeful BloodlordDovin Baan > Teferi, Hero of DominariaTragic Slip > Spark HarvestSunscorch Regent > God-Eternal OketraInsidious Will > God-Eternal KefnetArbor Colossus > God-Eternal RhonasSkarrgan Hellkite > Ilharg, the Raze-BoarTeleportal > Saheeli, Sublime ArtificerVillage Messenger > Grim Initiate

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