Greatness, at any cost

20e actually
Pain Seer > Dark Confidant

Time for another bigger update

Some of the changes are straight up power level upgrades, some others taking out the ones never picked including whole GR guild.
Abeyance > Recruiter of the GuardAngelic Renewal > SilkwrapGrand Architect > Deceiver ExarchCondescend > Pact of NegationTragic Slip > Inquisition of KozilekSkeletal Scrying > BitterblossomWhip of Erebos > Dark PetitionFrenzied Goblin > Goblin GuideFling > Splinter TwinMoment's Peace > Evolutionary LeapGhor-Clan Rampager > Dragonlord AtarkaGiant Solifuge > Atarka's CommandFires of Yavimaya > Kessig Wolf RunBlasting Station > Crucible of WorldsPanoptic Mirror > Worn PowerstoneHall of Triumph > Ichor WellspringTerramorphic Expanse > Ash BarrensVivid Crag > WastelandVivid Creek > Tectonic EdgeVivid Grove > Mishra's FactoryVivid Marsh > Reflecting PoolVivid Meadow > Kuldotha Forgemaster

Eternal Masters update

Some new cards from Eternal Masters draft.
Ainok Survivalist > Sylvan LibraryMasked Admirers > Civic WayfinderPerilous Myr > Pilgrim's EyePlaxmanta > Shardless AgentLanguish > Toxic DelugeDemonic Pact > Malicious AfflictionWord of Seizing > Pyrokinesis

Two recent trades

Cadaverous Bloom > The Gitrog MonsterRead the Bones > Entomb

Green update +

- Added more green spells to balance with the creature count. - Removed random creatures with protection. - Removed double disenchant spells from white and green. - Couple of power level upgrades. I also reset pick orders just for the fun of it :)
Mirran Crusader > Brimaz, King of OreskosHidden Dragonslayer > Enlightened TutorDisenchant > Unexpectedly AbsentStupor > ThoughtseizeInk-Eyes, Servant of Oni > Heir of FalkenrathAsylum Visitor > Pain SeerEndrek Sahr, Master Breeder > Priest of the Blood RiteChameleon Colossus > Polukranos, World EaterSeal of Primordium > Oath of DruidsKrosan Tusker > Song of the DryadsExperiment One > Worldly TutorCall of the Herd > Seasons PastOhran Viper > Duskwatch RecruiterVinelasher Kudzu > Sylvan CaryatidTumble Magnet > Sphere of the SunsSaffi Eriksdotter > Dragonlord Dromoka

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