Rivals of Ixalan update

+ a few other.
Savannah Lions > Skymarcher AspirantKeiga, the Tide Star > Torrential GearhulkMerchant Scroll > Chart a CourseDiregraf Ghoul > Gifted AetherbornHypnotic Specter > Ravenous ChupacabraBloodgift Demon > Champion of DuskRude Awakening > Treetop Village

Hour of Devastation update

Den Protector > Ramunap ExcavatorNegate > Supreme WillDungeon Geists > Phantasmal Image

Planeswalkers ahoy

After a discussion following a lucky minimaster open it is time for the first planeswalker to strengthen the possibly weakest color.
Persecute > Liliana, Death's Majesty

Updating cube is almost as fun as playing it

Boreal Druid > Noble HierarchBasilisk Collar > MutavaultMindslaver > Chromatic Lantern

Amonkhet update

Nightscape Familiar > Dread WandererHammer of Purphoros > Harsh MentorYavimaya Elder > ManglehornQuarantine Field > Cast Out

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