Medical Journal

Every infect card in the cube is a 2-of, for increased support without requiring as much active memory while drafting. At an earlier stage, every infect card and every proliferate card was a 3-of. After sobering up, this was deemed excessive. It's easy to go overboard with +1/+1, -1/-1, Proliferate, First strike. ETB triggers are arguably stifling in any format, but doubly so in this sort of cube that wants to give infect time to play its game. Recursion/protection/clones are important for Infect creatures. Infect (especially with recursion/protection) makes removal hard to balance without extensive playtest feedback. It is hard to know where to place aggro decks. A lot of the infect creatures are meant for evasion, not for blocking. There are definitely memory issues with all the different counters flying around. This is one cube that would heavily benefit from a set of nice custom tokens.