Guilds of Ravnica update

Healer's Hawk is too good to pass up. It can start swinging early to pad its owner's life total while more easily stay alive thanks to its built-in evasion. Savannah Lions suffers the 'last pick' effect a lot of the time. It's a good body for the cost but considering how easily the ground gets clogged up early in the game, Savannah Lions doesn't scale up as well as the Hawk later in the game. Burglar Rat is functionally similar to their Ravenous cousins but has the added benefit of being more relevant in a 2HG (or bigger) game. This will be extremely; however, I like to keep that option open. On an unrelated flavor note, I like the fact that Burglar Rat is a single rat as opposed to the plural Ravenous Rats. More rats should be bigger than 1/1, like Chittering Rats which is a 2/2. Torch Courier is taking the spot previously occupied by Emrakul's Hatcher because I want Red to be a little lower to the ground while reinforcing the 'Haste' sub-theme. I was really tempted to take out either Goblin Motivator or Insolent Neonate but decided against that because their early-game synergy with various strategies is quite relevant. Emrakul's Hatcher is the least 'Red' card currently in its color. While the Tokens strategy takes a bit, Morbid and Revolt are reasonably easier to trigger. Catalyst Elemental did come in during the previous update, so there's still 'fast mana' in Red.
Savannah Lions > Healer's HawkRavenous Rats > Burglar RatEmrakul's Hatcher > Torch Courier

M19 addendum

Goblin Motivator is in for Bloodlust Inciter because... Goblins.
Bloodlust Inciter > Goblin Motivator

M19 update

It took a while, but I finally got around to updating the Cube with some shiny new M19 cards. Goblin Instigator is an easy swap-in for Mogg War Marshal. Echo really hurts the versatility of the War Marshal, making it synergize poorly with most effects players would want to get out of it. Instigator gives the player more open-ended options. Catalyst Elemental is a slight push in the direction of fast mana for Red. It's an opposite include to Valakut Invoker's mana sink ability. Skyscanner is going in to provide some more variety on the Artifact front because of its ETB trigger and built-in evasion. Ingot is out partly because the recent addition of Skittering Surveyor seems like enough 'fixing'.
Mogg War Marshal > Goblin InstigatorValakut Invoker > Catalyst ElementalDarksteel Ingot > Skyscanner

Battlebond update+

Generally, Battlebond doesn't have a strong showing for Pauper so there was very little for me to consider including. Peace Strider and Pierce Strider are both exceptional downshifts that deserve provisional inclusion. Guardian Automaton is an easy swap for the former. Reverting the change is highly unlikely to happen. Pierce Strider is a different story. I have my reservations that it might end up like Renegade Freighter, in that both are 'easy' first picks. Four mana for colorless 'burn' is hard to pass up. Tormenting Voice is out because too often am I seeing it as a late pick. Also, it's often one of the first cards to be cut during deckbuilding. Red generally doesn't need the card draw. Fling is back! Elven Cache is coming in just for kicks. It's a 'funny-bad' card because Green has so many better recursion options--but not in Pauper. I'm curious to see if players catch on to its unassuming utility. Hunt the Weak is out just because it's not that exciting of a card. Green doesn't really need that much removal considering its relatively overpowered top of the mana curve creature pool. Adding to Green's slight shift towards variety/utility is Spore Cloud. I fear it might be a little too backbreaking, akin to a Green Time Walk that stops alpha strikes for two whole turns! The good thing is that Spore Cloud isn't an obvious first pick. It's another card that's relatively low key but savvy players will pick up on its devastating power. Beneath the Sands has felt like a filler card from the get-go. The cycling is nice but it's just so underwhelming given its mana cost and effect. Also, there's more than enough ramp at that slot. I think it's redundant to the point of being nothing but a boring include. Double Cleave is less of a Boros card and more of a R/G Beats, or U/R Spells support card. I wanted to add a little more support to Kiln Fiend and friends. Squee's Embrace had two many problems to keep it around. Bounce effects were too effective against it, of which there's a ridiculous amount of in the card pool. The color restrictions also made it less-enticing of a pick early on.
Tormenting Voice > FlingHunt the Weak > Elven CacheBeneath the Sands > Spore CloudSquee's Embrace > Double CleaveGuardian Automaton > Peace StriderPentad Prism > Pierce Strider

Dominaria update

The idea behind the following changes is to shift some strategies. The new cards don't really increase the power level more than they add some variety to the already present strategies in the Cube. Adding Pegasus Courser is meant to supplement U/W Skies. While Territorial Hammerskull is a more reliable ground attacker, the Pegasus adds some evasion options that White previously didn't have. Vicious offering unkicked is strictly worse than Last Gasp, but the former synergizes really well with sacrifice and graveyard based strategies. This is one change I'm willing to revert if I notice Vicious Offering being eschewed. Ghitu Chronicler brings some much needed spell recursion in Red. While the speed and power of Red takes a bit of a hit by taking out Nest Robber, the Chronicler does have the toughness to offset the loss somewhat. Keldon Overseer was an auto-include from the very beginning. The issue was finding a card to take out at that slot. Minotaur Skullcleaver is one of my personal favorites in that slot but it was close enough to the Overseer to replace. Llanowar Scout is another questionable include, but I wanted to provide Green with a bit of variety in terms of acceleration. The 1/3 body isn't bad considering how many 1/1's and 2/2's there are in the card pool. Skittering Surveyor was added to help with permanent mana fixing. The purpose of Elsewhere Flask to boost the potency of Pestilence and Crypt Rats seemed too narrow to justify its continued inclusion. Skittering Surveyor also replaces itself while adding some synergy with Artillerize and other creature sac outlets.
Territorial Hammerskull > Pegasus CourserLast Gasp > Vicious OfferingNest Robber > Ghitu ChroniclerMinotaur Skullcleaver > Keldon OverseerDawntreader Elk > Llanowar ScoutElsewhere Flask > Skittering Surveyor

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