My duals are proxies and that's always bugged me. So I'm replacing them with Guilds-block shocks, which keeps the spirit of singleton, I hope. Any RTR-block lands are placeholders until I finish the Guilds cycle.
Tundra > Hallowed FountainUnderground Sea > Watery GraveBadlands > Blood CryptTaiga > Stomping GroundSavannah > Temple GardenScrubland > Godless ShrineBayou > Overgrown TombTropical Island > Breeding PoolVolcanic Island > Steam VentsPlateau > Sacred Foundry

Shuffling things

Also looking to support more aristocrats in Rakdos.
Arcane Denial > ImpulseDark Ritual > Blood ArtistSearing Spear > Bomat CourierDeathrite Shaman > Assassin's Trophy

Recent things I've missed

Will Kenrith > Tezzeret, Artifice MasterIsareth the Awakener > Midnight ReaperDismissive Pyromancer > Bloodrage BrawlerAbbot of Keral Keep > Goblin Cratermaker


More coming soon, but some art upgrades and tinkering with Green and Orzhov.
Land Tax > Land TaxHarsh Mentor > Legion WarbossGaea's Cradle > Nissa, WorldwakerSylvan Caryatid > TerastodonQasali Pridemage > Knight of AutumnHidden Stockpile > Gerrard's VerdictLodestone Golem > Lodestone Golem


Big changes coming soon!
Impulse > Shelldock Isle

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