The Eldritch Horror Cube

"The oldest and strongest emotion in human history is fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown." -H.P. Lovecraft Welcome to a world of madness. This is my eldritch horror themed cube. A limited environment heavily influenced by, and designed to emulate, the mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft in his fictional works during the 1920's. Blended with elements of European gothic horror from the victorian era, you'll find a large focus on theme, top-down design, and synergy throughout this custom pool. There are minor tribal elements to be found as well as focus on specific color pairings. Lovecraft's universe thrived on madness and fear of the unexplained. His mythos is completely founded on the idea of mankind discovering and struggling with cosmic entities and concepts they couldn't possibly fathom. It is with this basis for horror and storytelling that this cube has been constructed. Elements of mad science and research, necromancy, alchemy, monsters of cosmic or otherwise unexplained origin, lycanthropes, the paranormal, and the human struggle for survival can all be found within the archetypes and color combinations. This has been a project I have wanted to assemble for a long time, and with the advent of both Innistrad blocks, and the recent influx of Eldrazi in Magic, I've finally been able to draw from a large enough cardpool to craft both a more powerful synergy-based limited environment, and themed cube worthy of Lovecraft's genius horror tropes. I hope you all find this to be an exciting study in top-down cube design, and a fun draft environment. As always, cubes are ever changing, so I'm sure this will not maintain a structure so rigid that it can't evolve from feedback and criticism.