Barren Moor > Crumbling VestigeLonely Sandbar > Stalking StonesForgotten Cave > Unknown ShoresSecluded Steppe > City of TraitorsTranquil Thicket > Ancient TombScoured Barrens > Caves of KoilosBloodfell Caves > Sulfurous SpringsBlossoming Sands > BrushlandTranquil Cove > Adarkar WastesThornwood Falls > Yavimaya CoastWind-Scarred Crag > Battlefield ForgeRugged Highlands > Karplusan ForestJungle Hollow > Llanowar WastesSwiftwater Cliffs > Shivan ReefDismal Backwater > Underground River

Burgeoning > Blossoming DefenseShivan Wurm > Regisaur AlphaSky Skiff > Ankh of MishraThrone of the God-Pharaoh > Pentad Prism

Curve restructuring

-5 cards at 3cmc across all colors.
Aerial ResponderGodsendSpear of HeliodWall of NetsSpectral ProcessionSerendib EfreetWake ThrasherDissolveRushing RiverTinkerPhyrexian RagerBone ShredderNever // ReturnToxic DelugeVictimizeCountryside CrusherFeldon of the Third PathTaurean MaulerFlames of the FirebrandHammer of BogardanBoon SatyrImperious PerfectWolfir AvengerAwakening ZoneWeirding Wood

Curve restructuring

+5 artifacts each @ 2cmc and 3cmc. +15 lands.
Prophetic PrismHowling MineSky SkiffMind StoneThrone of the God-PharaohMirage MirrorAlloy MyrWhispersilk CloakEdifice of AuthorityPilgrim's EyeSecluded SteppeLonely SandbarForgotten CaveTranquil ThicketBarren MoorTranquil CoveWind-Scarred CragBlossoming SandsScoured BarrensSwiftwater CliffsThornwood FallsDismal BackwaterRugged HighlandsBloodfell CavesJungle Hollow

Crux of Fate > Beacon of UnrestDay of Judgment > Faith's FettersMagus of the Abyss > Braids, Cabal Minion

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