Pre Ixalan Update!

Overdue update before Ixalan releases. Cleaning up extra cards from testing and swapping out some under performers. Decided to bend my own rules limiting planeswalkers keeping both Ajani and Nahiri in Boros and adding Gideon of the Trials to white.
Regal Caracal > Angel of InventionStasis Snare > Gideon of the TrialsVapor Snag > RepealSower of Temptation > Imprisoned in the MoonEnclave Cryptologist > Logic KnotHero of Oxid Ridge > Falkenrath GorgerScab-Clan Berserker > Ahn-Crop CrasherGoblin Bushwhacker > Bomat CourierIre Shaman > War-Name AspirantLumbering Falls > Hinterland HarborDack Fayden > Ral ZarekCrackling Doom > Broodmate DragonColdsteel Heart > Cultivator's CaravanSeeker of the WayLiliana, Death's MajestyGurmag AnglerWildfireClaim // FameSigarda, Host of HeronsBoros ReckonerBlightsteel Colossus

Commander 2017 Update!

Adorned Pouncer > Alms CollectorSpell Queller > Fractured IdentityXathrid Necromancer > Kheru Mind-EaterLoxodon Smiter > Mirri, Weatherlight DuelistThalia's LancersNimble Obstructionist

Small Update

Chromatic Lantern > Coalition RelicFalse Summoning > Remove SoulAbradeEarthshaker Khenra

Hour of Devastation Update!

Mardu Woe-Reaper > Thraben InspectorDictate of Heliod > Stasis SnareHidden Dragonslayer > Adorned PouncerGlen Elendra Archmage > Nimble ObstructionistImpulse > Supreme WillWharf Infiltrator > Champion of WitsVampire Nighthawk > Gifted AetherbornLifebane Zombie > Gurmag AnglerYahenni, Undying Partisan > CryptbreakerCabal Therapy > Liliana, Death's MajestyWheel of Fortune > Hour of DevastationAgony Warp > The Scarab GodNicol Bolas, Planeswalker > Nicol Bolas, God-PharaohNissa, Voice of Zendikar > Garruk, Primal HunterSword of War and Peace > Sword of Light and ShadowThran Dynamo > Walking BallistaSpell QuellerClaim // FameNahiri, the HarbingerGlyph KeeperZealous ConscriptsRegrowthBoreal Druid

June Update!

Fumigate > Day of JudgmentOketra the True > Regal CaracalDragon Hunter > Dictate of HeliodBaral's Expertise > Glyph KeeperInto the Roil > Thing in the IceAncestral Vision > Serum VisionsJace, Architect of Thought > Jace BelerenHeir of Falkenrath > Zulaport CutthroatDiregraf Ghoul > Xathrid NecromancerLifebane ZombieGoblin Dark-Dwellers > GlorybringerForked Bolt > Mogg War MarshalKari Zev's ExpertiseSeasons Past > RegrowthEvolutionary Leap > World BreakerTerminate > DreadboreHinterland Harbor > Lumbering FallsHorizon Canopy > Stirring WildwoodSamut, Voice of Dissent > Nicol Bolas, PlaneswalkerBounding Krasis > Coiling OracleSigarda, Host of HeronsMemory Jar

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