Dominaria Update!

Karn Liberated > Karn, Scion of UrzaBaneslayer Angel > Lyra DawnbringerJazal Goldmane > Shalai, Voice of PlentyRelentless Dead > Cast DownSkymarcher Aspirant > Dauntless BodyguardSquee, the ImmortalDemonlord BelzenlokYawgmoth's Vile Offering

March Update!

Mana Tithe > Settle the WreckageWingmate Roc > ReveillarkCensor > Sower of TemptationCommit // Memory > Body DoubleExtremely Slow Zombie > Kitesail FreebooterHarsh Mentor > FireboltSin Collector > Unburial RitesGemstone Mine > Aether HubTetzimoc, Primal DeathUltimate PriceGeist of Saint TraftHuatli, Warrior PoetTendershoot Dryad

Sulfurous Springs > Blackcleave CliffsBattlefield Forge > Inspiring Vantage

Rivals of Ixalan Update!

Testing out cards like Tetzimoc and Tendershoot Dryad. I think both cards are interesting but worse then existing options unfortunately. Decided to cut Scroll Rack along with Terminus and Entreat. The miracles didn't see too much play and Scroll Rack has been fairly fringe for a while. Also playing Pernicious Deed again. It was a powerhouse for years but fell out of favour in my playgroup over a year ago. Decided to bring it back (but have a hard to cutting one of the other cards).
Oketra the True > Jazal GoldmaneRaise the Alarm > Skymarcher AspirantTerminus > FumigateEntreat the Angels > Dictate of HeliodRepeal > CensorOb Nixilis Reignited > Liliana, Death's MajestyBearer of Silence > Relentless DeadNekrataal > Ravenous ChupacabraNever // Return > Ultimate PriceEntomb > Gonti, Lord of LuxuryRead the Bones > Sidisi, Undead VizierTetzimoc, Primal DeathVance's Blasting Cannons > Bedlam RevelerBloodrage Brawler > Dire Fleet DaredevilOath of Nissa > Merfolk BranchwalkerManagorger Hydra > Jadelight RangerCarnage Tyrant > Tendershoot DryadDeathgorge ScavengerGrowing Rites of ItlimocProphet of Kruphix > Trygon PredatorVraska, Relic Seeker > Pernicious DeedStirring Wildwood > Horizon CanopyCultivator's Caravan > Coercive PortalScroll Rack > God-Pharaoh's Gift

Extremely Slow Zombie

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