Extremely Slow Zombie

November Update!

Spear of Heliod > Honor of the PureAethergeode Miner > Raise the AlarmFlickerwisp > Kinjalli's SunwingAlms Collector > Oketra the TrueThalia's Lancers > Cloudgoat RangerAnafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritRigging Runner > Falkenrath GorgerMizzium Mortars > Goblin Dark-DwellersAbbot of Keral Keep > Harsh MentorMogg War MarshalSidisi, Undead Vizier > Custodi LichDoom Blade > Never // ReturnZulaport Cutthroat > Bearer of SilenceKitesail Freebooter > Makeshift MannequinUpheaval > Gifts UngivenStunt Double > AetherlingSerum Visions > Pull from TomorrowCensor > Commit // MemoryMirri, Weatherlight Duelist > Wilt-Leaf LiegeDromoka's Command > Ajani, Mentor of HeroesReflector Mage > Geist of Saint TraftRakdos's Return > Cut // RibbonsBroodmate Dragon > Lodestone GolemAethersphere Harvester > Treasure MapVraska, Relic Seeker

Ixalan Update!

Decided to try so many cards I couldn't find anything to cut right away. Added a couple for now, I'll make space after some testing.
Xenagos, the Reveler > Regisaur AlphaNahiri, the Harbinger > Huatli, Warrior PoetCoiling Oracle > Prophet of KruphixFar // Away > Hostage TakerMaster of the Wild Hunt > Ripjaw RaptorWorld Breaker > Utopia SprawlGrowing Rites of ItlimocDeathgorge ScavengerCarnage TyrantFalkenrath Gorger > Rigging RunnerArc Trail > Rampaging FerocidonVance's Blasting CannonsAccorder Paladin > Adanto VanguardDryad Militant > Legion's LandingWhirler Rogue > Chart a CourseKefnet the Mindful > Search for AzcantaGifted Aetherborn > Kitesail FreebooterKheru Mind-Eater > Ruin Raider

Pre Ixalan Update!

Overdue update before Ixalan releases. Cleaning up extra cards from testing and swapping out some under performers. Decided to bend my own rules limiting planeswalkers keeping both Ajani and Nahiri in Boros and adding Gideon of the Trials to white.
Regal Caracal > Angel of InventionStasis Snare > Gideon of the TrialsVapor Snag > RepealSower of Temptation > Imprisoned in the MoonEnclave Cryptologist > Logic KnotHero of Oxid Ridge > Falkenrath GorgerScab-Clan Berserker > Ahn-Crop CrasherGoblin Bushwhacker > Bomat CourierIre Shaman > War-Name AspirantLumbering Falls > Hinterland HarborDack Fayden > Ral ZarekCrackling Doom > Broodmate DragonColdsteel Heart > Cultivator's CaravanSeeker of the WayLiliana, Death's MajestyGurmag AnglerWildfireClaim // FameSigarda, Host of HeronsBoros ReckonerBlightsteel Colossus

Commander 2017 Update!

Adorned Pouncer > Alms CollectorSpell Queller > Fractured IdentityXathrid Necromancer > Kheru Mind-EaterLoxodon Smiter > Mirri, Weatherlight DuelistThalia's LancersNimble Obstructionist

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