First drafts

After a few drafts my thoughts White: My four drops are terrible. I like wall of reverence. dislike Daybreak Elemental and Coalition Honor-Guard I want to cut worship. It leads to too many games where it comes down turn 3-4 and opponent just picks up their deck. Friend suggested color-shifted Ali from Cairo in this slot. Avenging Angel could be something else and I don't think anyone would miss it. Mother of Runes is on the edge of too good. Possibly change it to work similar to Story Circle Blue: Possibly could use another counterspell. Invisible Stalker has some of the same problems it had in it's original draft format. Might be ok or maybe give it an autumn willow way for opponent to turn off it's hexproof. Stormtide Leviathan could be cut no problem. I'm still not smart enough to play gifts ungiven. Dungeon Geist is a prefect card in this format. Black Dark Night of the Soul randomly being a world enchantment mattered in a game. Pack Rat: Yeah it's too good here like it was in Rav. Thinking of changing it to Rat King 1B Creature - Rat ~'s p/t is equal to the number of rats you control. 2B, T, Discard a card: Create a black rat token with "this creature's p/t are equal to the number of rats you control. */* Red Red could use another burn spell (maybe two) I find myself being very hesitant about playing any of the RR creatures. I'm not sure if that's just me being too worried about the casting cost or not. Gamble could be cut. Goblin War Marshal could be Goblin Instigator. It's simpler. Green My ramp package is working well. I like how none of them work the same as each other. Essence Warden could be cut. Untamed Kavu has been great. Gravetiller Wurm is lackluster as a ramp target. Exploration is terrible it it's not in your opening 7. Multicolor Dual land selection is fine Agony Warp, Fires of Yavimaya could be a stronger card. I'm a little unconfortable with Aonyobo being such a custom card. Most of my other ones are just slight tweeks on existing magic cards. Edric, Brion, and Olivia have been game defining cards in the games they have been played. I want my gold to b be rare but important. I could almost see going down to just 1 per guild. But I like having a creature and spell in each guild so I'll probalby keep it the same. Doubt I would expand this section if I expanded the cube overall. Colorless Not sure if Crucible has enough shinanigans Ring of Invisibility (Whispersilk cloak) has been week. All the artifact creatures see play. Could see adding in another 1-2. Automaton is on the edge of too good. Every deck seems to be willing to play it. Zhalfirin Void has been surprisingly decent. Overall: I like most of my invented cards (minus daybreak elemental) I'm happy with how this is turning out. After watching GP Vegas's beta draft, my cube does not emulate that. I would have to scale back considerably on what my creatures do. Remove almost all of the token cards and load up on vanilla and french vanilla creatures. Things like turning Thalia, Accorder Palaidn, and Selfless Spirit into Youthful Knight, Knight of New Benalia, and mistral charger. In order to do that I would have to be able to understand the format well enough to consider merits of a third or fourth power on a vanilla creature and I don't have the playtesting time available to me to do that properly. Nor am I certain I want to do that.