Small Weak Card Update

Sparksmith > Legion LoyalistMomir Vig, Simic Visionary > Master BiomancerNature's Claim > Mayor of AvabruckMulch > ThragtuskKor Skyfisher > Alliance of ArmsPorcelain Legionnaire > BalanceMardu Woe-Reaper > Champion of the ParishGoblin Spymaster > Chandra, Pyromaster

Budget Crucible of Worlds

It has legs.
Sylvan Advocate > Ramunap Excavator

Hour of Devastation

Opened Hour of Devastation
Stoke the Flames > Hour of Devastation

Talrand (Synergy Update Part 6)

Helping out the spell strats.
Azami, Lady of Scrolls > Talrand, Sky Summoner

Green Update (Synergy Update Part 5)

Adding in Pod and Graveyard support.
Primeval Protector > Golgari Grave-TrollRampant Growth > HarrowYasova Dragonclaw > Birthing Pod

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