RNA Considerations

Frenzied Arynx Gyre Engineer Light Up the Stage Pitiless Pontiff Rhythm of the Wild Hackrobat Sphinx of the Guildpact Resolute Watchdog Deface Wilderness Reclamation

Nightveil Predator > Discovery

OmenspeakerAnointer PriestFinal RewardParagon of New DawnsAutumnal Gloom > NecrogenesisTandem Tactics

Raise the AlarmFeat of ResistanceRite of UndoingBloodflow ConnoisseurGryff's Boon

Cuts, Part 2

Still want 5 more from each color and 9 from colorless, but not sure which ones
Triumph of GerrardSeraph of the SunsBanishing LightQuest for the Holy RelicClash of WillsSkinrenderSmuggler CaptainGhirapur GearcrafterGhirapur Æther GridManiacal RageExperiment OneAmbush ViperSentinel DispatchDarksteel Ingot

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