DOM is now live on cubetutor

These cards were leaked early, so were added to the cube before. The explanations can be found earlier in this blog. A few more cards made it in from DOM, an update will follow soon.
Savannah Lions > Dauntless BodyguardBaneslayer Angel > Lyra DawnbringerGideon of the Trials > History of BenaliaCrystalline Crawler > Karn, Scion of Urza

Updating white

Also newly spoiled cards from Dominaria entered the cube, but cannot be added I cubetutor yet. I've marked them on the list in purple. Full explanations available here:
Trueheart Duelist > Hidden DragonslayerPrecinct Captain > Legion's LandingQuarantine Field > Angel of SanctionsHallowed Burial > Settle the WreckageFaith's Fetters > Secure the WastesCompulsive Research > Man-o'-WarGrasping Scoundrel > Vampire LaceratorPain Seer > Dauthi HorrorDark Ritual > Vraska's ContemptTattermunge Maniac > Eidolon of the Great RevelBogardan Hellkite > Stoke the Flames

Fixing a typo

Hero of Oxid Ridge > Hero of Bladehold

Explanations about recent changes

More dual lands, less chaff

Sram's ExpertiseElder Deep-FiendDoomfallKari Zev's ExpertiseRegrowthReality SmasherCultivator's CaravanAethersphere HarvesterFleetwheel CruiserSmokestackSeachrome CoastDarkslick ShoresDragonskull SummitCopperline GorgeRazorverge ThicketTemple of SilenceTemple of EpiphanyTemple of MaladyTemple of TriumphTemple of Mystery

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