This is NOT Ixalan update. These three cards were leaked early and so were inserted and tested in the cube for a while. They just did not exist on cubetutor before
Bygone Bishop > Kinjalli's SunwingWestvale Abbey > Sorcerous SpyglassCreeperhulk > Carnage Tyrant

C17 changes

Changes have been done long ago, but only now reflected in the list as CubeTutor did not have C17 cards available. If you look for reasoning behind the replacements they can be found earlier in this blog.
Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath > Patron of the VeinHidden Dragonslayer > Stalking LeoninStoke the Flames > Territorial HellkiteSpell Queller > Fractured Identity

New content in the blog - c17 set review

New content has been uploaded to the blog during the last few days. I finished the Amonkhet set review. HOD and C17 set reviews were added. HOD was a disappointing set, but I am happy with C17

C17 update

C17 cards were updated. They are not yet updated on the website, but they marked in blue and explained in the cube descriptor sidebar. Explanations will follow.
Fragmentize > Seal of Cleansing

Ixalan pre-update

There a few Ixalan leaked cards that have been added to the cube. Since cubetutor does not support them yet, they will stay as their former cards for the time being here, but they will be marked with a different color in the list. If you see a card marked as Ixalan, look for it in the cube description sidebar to see what it represents. Bygone Bishop -> Kimallah's Sunwing Creeper Hulk - > Carnage Tyrant Westvale Abbey -> Sorcerous Spyglass

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