Ravnica Allegiance Update

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Q10/2019 - January 18th 2019 - Thomas' Cube

Corne Dubelaar pilots Signature Sultai with favorites JVP and Recurring Nightmare to a hard fought 3-0 finish. Looking to do one place better than last year, we welcome him to CubeVitational 2019. Sideboard Thrun MVP!

Q9/2019 - December 28th 2018 - Arjan's Cube

Former Dutch Champ and CubeVitational Hopeful Kevin Grove secures a seat at the 2019 table with JTMS! GGs. Congrats!

Q8/2019 - December 14th 2018 - Thomas' Cube

Stijn Bekrouwer loses the Finals to Tijs de Kler... But that just means pile.dec was good enough to earn an invite! GGs. Congrats :)

Q8/2019 - December 14th 2018 - Thomas' Cube

Champs gonna Champ :) 2010 Champion Tijs de Kler is better than all.

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