Replacing Chromanticore

I feel that Rainbow decks are probably not very feasible (at least from test-drafting for them) so I replaced Chromanticore with a simpler alternative, which is already reasonably playable in 3- and 4-colored decks.
Chromanticore > Crystalline Crawler

Replacing Dismember

I think it's really a bit broken how you can play it for 1 and four life in any color AND it also gives -5/-5, which is more than usual in this cube. Ichor Slick on the other hand looks quite nice and I really like alternative costs.
Dismember > Ichor Slick

Grixis Improvement

Thraximundar didn't seem to fit into the themes so well (particularly not into Rakdos-based decks which add blue) and I think Grixis Charm does something for every combinations so that's great.
Thraximundar > Grixis Charm

Fiend Hunter > Fairgrounds Warden

Blessing of the Nephilim > Swift JusticeEverflowing Chalice > Mind Stone

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