Electrolyze is solid and always sees play, but it's just boring. Maybe one day I'll be happy with this in Izzet, but I don't like having both it and Fire/Ice, and I like Fire/Ice better. Testing Niv-Mizzet. It's a nice card that can't be a big top end for the artifact ramp control decks. Control decks don't necessarily need more finishers, which is why I'm skeptical, but it's a fun card and we'll see what happens. Probably better in cubes wiht like Lotus :D
Electrolyze > Niv-Mizzet, Parun


I'm still toying with a couple G slots. I think there are too many beefcakes, and wanted to cut one for a unique card. I like Defense, especially since pod decks can also play it to protect combos and Vannifar now. Playing Wolfir > Hydra for now because haste value, but could 100% see reswapping later.
Kalonian Hydra > Blossoming Defense

Tuning Updates

This update is cutting cards that don't see play or didn't behave as expected. Smasher just doesn't see as much play as the other colorless requirement cards (Displacer and TKS), and I've wanted one more cheatty creature for a while. Was thinking about Blightsteel, but I like the idea of Shallow Grave having another broken target. Further pushing the Fires archetype. Adding Surrak for haste redundancy. I expect Goreclaw to shine here, but also just be a reasonable beater in any green deck. I am also adding Carnage Tyrant. I am not a huge fan of castable craetures that can't be interacted with (see no TNN or Thrunn in my list). I think Inkwell is fine because you have to work to get the creature into play, and Geist can be blocked. I'm hoping this card being Six mana and easily answered by wraths removes the feel bads of cards like TNN. We'll see. Given all the cheatty archetypes, it can be hard to come across a Tinker/Welder target if you need. Deal Broker didn't see much maindeck play as I expected and the trade part was pretty awkward. Going to try Mindslaver. And I'm not adding Academy Ruins for the lock because it's so incredibly mana Intensive. Welder/Daretti should be fine for that. Phyrexian Tower: While I love this card and play it in all of my black decks, it seems as though that's not a shared opinion with a lot of people I play with. Throne of the High City was great last time we played with it, so I'll try this for now. Maelstrom Pulse: With the addition of Vraska, I think Pulse has more versatility and power to Decay even though it's more expensive and not instant speed. A note on some cuts: I love the card traverse, but Delirium was harder than expected. I added it as more toolbox fodder for pod decks, but those decks are often so creature dense. Evolutionary Leap was a solid CA engine, but nothing too special and I don't think it will be missed. Lastly, Utopia Sprawl was good, but played worse than all the creature dorks for the most part. I think 9 was a lot of one mana excelleration and I'm happy to go down to 8. With this update I believe there are one too many big green idiots. Nissa is the best in mono G, but in other green archetypes she isn't so hot. I'll cut something from 4-6cmc in green once I do more testing. Will add either Rancor or Blossoming Defense once I come to this conclusion CHOPPING BLOCK NOTES: I'm starting to think Arcane Savant is just too good. It is five mana, but there are too many insta-win targets. Keeping an eye on this one. Phyrexian Arena always feels a bit out of place. Probably a mistake to cut it, but unsure if it will be missed. Looking at the card Tortured Existence as a more interesting CA engine, although it probably isn't good enough. Hermit Druid is a card I love, but isn't seeing as much play as I would hope, may have to let that one go soon.
Reality Smasher > Kozilek, Butcher of TruthUtopia Sprawl > Goreclaw, Terror of Qal SismaEvolutionary Leap > Surrak, the Hunt CallerTraverse the Ulvenwald > Carnage TyrantAbrupt Decay > Maelstrom PulseDeal Broker > MindslaverPhyrexian Tower > Throne of the High City

Archetype Support Updates

Updates for Fires, Humans, and Pod. So far I've learned that the human archetype addition really favored lords over normal anthems. And the ways lord stacks is so powerful that it makes the strategy by itself. So adding Marshall and Loxodon seems like a good idea. Readd Traverse and Chord of Calling for redundancy reasons now that they can tutor for pod (Vannifar). Adding a 3rd 8/8 5cc beater for fires in Kalonian Hydra seems like a good idea. Especially since it interacts with the counters from Rhythm of the Wild. Additionally, this archetype seems like Berserk would be great and I love the card so I'm adding it back. May look to add some more tricks like Become Immense, Blossoming Defense, and Temur Battlerage or Ghor Clan as well. I loved the archetype, but it was too parasitic last time I had it. Combat Celebrant is an interesting addition that likely goes in all 3 archetypes. Since giving it haste is awesome, I think I'll like the inclusion now that I've added both Rhythm and Lightning Greaves. It's a human and it also combos with kiki! I like Adanto Vanguard a lot, but I've been trying to minimize the number of "only aggro creatures". It's why I like Glory-Bound Initiate. A great aggro beater, but also a solid card to fight aggro or for a random midrange deck. Maybe I should look for another cut for Tithe Taker, but Adanto is the only non-human two-drop and so it's going to go. Coiling Oracle and Man-o-war come back in to help with ETB creature density for the value and pod archetype. Warden of the First Tree was just too mediocre and I'm excited to add Nicol Bolas here, as another great pod target. The search for the last Izzet slot continues. Expansion wasn't good enough, and the explosion upside wasn't enough. Back to good old boring electrolyze for now!
Yavimaya Elder > Kalonian HydraGrapple with the Past > BerserkOath of Nissa > Traverse the UlvenwaldTooth and Nail > Chord of CallingSunder > Man-o'-WarDead // Gone > Combat CelebrantLand Tax > Venerated LoxodonSpear of Heliod > Benalish MarshalAdanto Vanguard > Tithe TakerShardless Agent > Coiling OracleWarden of the First Tree > Nicol Bolas, the RavagerExpansion > Electrolyze

RNA Updates

- Vannifar is added because pod is a loved card here and curious if this is good enough. Easy to test since Simic is weak. - Rhythm is in because I want to test a fires effect and a persist combo enabler is always welcome. Concerned about loss of grudge, but can't cut lumberjack if im adding fires. - greaves is in again to add haste value to Vannifar decks. Spellskite just doesnt see much play. - Pyromancer never got there, so with the addition of a fires archetype, haste redundancy is likely important. Plus it's a good human for that deck as well. - Nullhide Ferox was too clunky, I think if I want a big beater Wolfir Silverheart is a better bet. If the fires archetype works out, I'll likely add Surrak Huntcaller and Kalonian Hydra in. I might also add Carnage Tyrant, but I'm not a fan of castable hexproof idiots (e.g. no Thrunn or TNN in my list). - Judith is a slam dunk in my list. Testing it by relegating Murderous Redcap to the black section because red decks don't often play it, but every black deck likes it. Which makes Skinrender the easy cut since they fill a similar role. - Legion Warboss didn't get there. I don't need 4x that affect. I want to give Hazoret another go. Could also see this as Glorybringer too. - Spawn of Mayhem is a slam dunk in my list, and Mardu Strike Leader is the easiest cut because it's a flexible creature between 4 and 3 cmc. - Gutterbones is a slam dunk as well. Tormented hero is the worst black 1 and I don't think I need extra, so the swap here is fine. Really excited to see how these cards work out, especially the addition to aristocrats as well as the fires archetype.
Tormented Hero > GutterbonesSagu Mauler > Prime Speaker VannifarAncient Grudge > Rhythm of the WildNullhide Ferox > Wolfir SilverheartMardu Strike Leader > Spawn of MayhemSpellskite > Lightning GreavesSkinrender > Judith, the Scourge DivaLegion Warboss > Hazoret the FerventDismissive Pyromancer > Lightning Mauler

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