last part of WAR update

Phyrexian Arena has been slow and midrangy, gonna throw in an old but powerful card in Necro Spawn was just too clunky and only went in one deck for something it wasn't really craving. Nighthawk is playable in every single black deck and black is always looking for ways to get back life. Wear//Tear just isn't worth a cube slot and doesn't get maindecked enough. I think going to 4 WR slots is fine for balance since WR deck is usually closer to mono colored. I'm also fine getting U section to a couple cards larger since it's the most drafted color. Spell Pierce helps both defend and protect against early combo. Wickerbough is the worst 4 drop in my green section for what I want it to be, fills an unnecessary role, and I want another three. Yavimaya Elder is clunky, but it's fine. Hopefully will get a better one soon. Blossoming Defense was just not good enough. Adding Caryatid as there's always room for more ramp. Plaguecrafter is a human and good in both aristocrat decks and other black decks. Excited for Nekratal decks to have one that can nab cards/walkers as well. Midnight Reaper was fine, but unexciting. Not premium in aristocrats, and just a mediocre midrange card. ------- Lastly, this update has me thinking about some white cards to change, but not yet. Karmic Guide is not a great card, but it is a sweet part of the lark combo. With cutting Alesha it does lose some potency though. Similarly, I think Mirror Entity can go now with the introduction of Archbow and Green Finale to increase amount of infinite mana combo with vizier. Not sure what I would replace them with yet though.
Phyrexian Arena > NecropotenceSpawn of Mayhem > Vampire NighthawkWear // Tear > Spell PierceWickerbough Elder > Yavimaya ElderBlossoming Defense > Sylvan CaryatidMidnight Reaper > Plaguecrafter

Blue Update

Opt is just the easiest card to cut in the blue section. It's the worst cantrip. While it can be strong with miracle effects like Terminal and Kefnet, and helps the spells matters theme, I think Commit//Memory is perfect right now. I want more U interactive spells. That means there's a lot of U four mana cards, but U also wants the 2 mana rocks the most so I think that's okay. Memory synergizes with Narset/Leovold. And adds another card for Parrallax Tide Abuse.
Opt > Commit // Memory

Quick Red Update

Combat Celebrant, while I love the card, just isn't good enough. Krenko is a generically good card that also is fantastic with the hast strategies that Celebrant is good in. I'll miss the ability to combo kill out of nowhere alongside Gor Claw, but whatever. Shrine of Burning Rage is a great card, however it's only great in Mono Red, which is one of the best decks anyways. I want to try out Generator Servant as it fits my philosophy of "cheap fast mana at a cost" and works really well in the fires archetype.
Combat Celebrant > Krenko, Tin Street KingpinShrine of Burning Rage > Generator Servant

Quick swaps

I missed on Teferi earlier, and given the dominance in standard I want to try it out. So far, multiple UW decks I've drafted on cubetutor today would prefer Teferi to Geist. I also am a fan of cutting my LAST cheap hexproof creature. Now they're all 6cmc+, so you have to at least work to get them into play. I want to try out Leovold now that Narset is in the cube as well. A second effect like this may very well spawn a draw-7 combo archetype. Excited to see if that works. Alesha may come back in, but overall she hasn't been impressive. I know there are lark/recruiter decks that will miss the card, but they aren't super common around here. The aristocrats deck and humans decks play the card, but it's really never felt premium. I didn't have an easy cut, and so at least while I'm testing this, I'm cutting Alesha. Connive/Concoct was fine, but nothing special. I like how you could set up Emrakul and such, or how a mono black deck could play threads of disloyalty, but overall it's just worse than other options. Thief of Sanity has impressed me A LOT in the MTGO cubes, and I want to give it a go!
Geist of Saint Traft > Teferi, Time RavelerAlesha, Who Smiles at Death > Leovold, Emissary of TrestConnive > Thief of Sanity

WAR Updates

Disclamer: many of these updates are for testing and won't be the actual cut. Kefnet, Saheeli, Liliana's Triumph, and Blast Zone are all the slam dunks and I expect to stay in my cube for a very very long time. Ilharg has tested better than expected. The real question is whether or not I want him instead of something else. Thundermaw is the easiest cut for minimal disruption. If I want another R5, which I may, it'll come back assuming Ilharg stays. And if Ilharg doesn't, but I still want another five, I'll add Glorybringer. Narset is a card I'm most excited to test. So far it has been a HUGE overperformer in the Limited format. And it can only be better in cube. The real question I have is whether or not I should include Leovold with her to support a "wheel of fortune combo" archetype. Both Archbow and Finale will really help the utility G decks. The natural cut is Chord of Calling, but I want to see what happens when they're all in the environment together. Outside of power, Selvala's Stampede has been a bit more expensive than desired. Bontu looks awesome and I want to test. Tasigur is my flex black card and feels like a reasonable swap for now. Krenko is likely better than Najeela, however I like the card Najeela more. I don't think I want a fourth rabblemaster so I'm leaving him out for now. May add in the near future.
Thundermaw Hellkite > Ilharg, the Raze-BoarNiv-Mizzet, Parun > Saheeli, Sublime ArtificerDiabolic Edict > Liliana's TriumphThrone of the High City > Blast ZoneSelvala's Stampede > Finale of DevastationTasigur, the Golden Fang > God-Eternal BontuBerserk > Vivien's ArkbowMan-o'-War > Narset, Parter of VeilsArcane Savant > God-Eternal Kefnet

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