Last MH1 Update

Going to try out most of the cards that I'm unsure on. I've wanted a couple more mana rocks for a while, and so I'm cutting 7 to add all 10 talismans. This adds 2 more rocks on average to the 8-man pod. Only odd cut here is Isamaru. It's the only non-human white one-drop, and so I think it's the most cuttable one if I'm adding a non-human.
Spell Pierce > ImpulseLife // Death > Deathrite ShamanSupreme Will > Echo of EonsIsamaru, Hound of Konda > Giver of RunesRanger of Eos > Serra the BenevolentGideon of the Trials > Ranger-Captain of EosKrenko, Tin Street Kingpin > Seasoned PyromancerHuntmaster of the Fells > Wrenn and SixTalisman of IndulgenceTalisman of ConvictionTalisman of CreativityTalisman of ResilienceTalisman of CuriosityTalisman of UnityTalisman of ImpulseTalisman of ProgressTalisman of HierarchyTalisman of DominanceMind StonePowder KegColdsteel HeartSphere of the SunsFellwar StoneRetrofitter FoundryGuardian IdolThought VesselTreasure MapPrismatic Lens

First Horizons Update

These are the cards I believe will be in my cube for a while. Other ones I am likely to add, but still working on how to rework things: 1 - The Talismans. I plan on cutting a lot of my mana rocks to add these. I think having like 20 pieces of fast mana (defined as <=2cmc) is too much for the cube environment I want to foster (one turn slower than powered cube on average). But Right now I only have 12, and upping that number to about 15 seems like where I want to be. I'm not going to make this change yet, but I'm thinking about it. 2 - Synergy cards I'm unsure of: Wrenn and Six, Snow Cards, Echo of Eons 3 - So close: Giver of Runes (100% would cube as a human), Ranger Captain of Eos (100% would cube as 2W), Serra (idk if I want a 6th W Walker), Force of Virtue, Bazaar Trademage ---------------- Lands are easy adds. Yawgmoth and Urza are slams in the archetypes I support. RW sword is always the worst, and I'm always looking for more ways to shatter+kill walkers so RB is a nice swap. I don't want more 3cc equipment so not just adding it. Lesser Masticore is a sleeper IMO. It's a great little midrange card that picks off bobs and destroys aggro. It's good in the persist combo decks and reanimator decks, but it's also nuts in welder-style decks that want both mana sinks, artifacts, and discard outlets. Winds of Abandon is a card I want to test. I don't think Parallax Wave is the cut in the long run, but I want to see if I miss it so it seems like a fine cut. Wolfir Silverheart has always been good but not great. I've been looking for another G5 forever, and Hermit sounds great for me here. Goreclaw is cool, but ultimately fell short. Great with hastee, but the floor is too low. Hexdrinker is exciting as it fits my bar for "need to work for uninteractible cards".
Simic Growth Chamber > Waterlogged GroveTemple of Epiphany > Fiery IsletLlanowar Wastes > Nurturing PeatlandBattlefield Forge > Sunbaked CanyonFetid Heath > Silent ClearingField of Ruin > Prismatic VistaSword of War and Peace > Sword of Sinew and SteelPorcelain Legionnaire > Lesser MasticoreGoreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma > HexdrinkerGod-Eternal Bontu > Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianWhirler Rogue > Urza, Lord High ArtificerParallax Wave > Winds of AbandonWolfir Silverheart > Deep Forest Hermit

last part of WAR update

Phyrexian Arena has been slow and midrangy, gonna throw in an old but powerful card in Necro Spawn was just too clunky and only went in one deck for something it wasn't really craving. Nighthawk is playable in every single black deck and black is always looking for ways to get back life. Wear//Tear just isn't worth a cube slot and doesn't get maindecked enough. I think going to 4 WR slots is fine for balance since WR deck is usually closer to mono colored. I'm also fine getting U section to a couple cards larger since it's the most drafted color. Spell Pierce helps both defend and protect against early combo. Wickerbough is the worst 4 drop in my green section for what I want it to be, fills an unnecessary role, and I want another three. Yavimaya Elder is clunky, but it's fine. Hopefully will get a better one soon. Blossoming Defense was just not good enough. Adding Caryatid as there's always room for more ramp. Plaguecrafter is a human and good in both aristocrat decks and other black decks. Excited for Nekratal decks to have one that can nab cards/walkers as well. Midnight Reaper was fine, but unexciting. Not premium in aristocrats, and just a mediocre midrange card. ------- Lastly, this update has me thinking about some white cards to change, but not yet. Karmic Guide is not a great card, but it is a sweet part of the lark combo. With cutting Alesha it does lose some potency though. Similarly, I think Mirror Entity can go now with the introduction of Archbow and Green Finale to increase amount of infinite mana combo with vizier. Not sure what I would replace them with yet though.
Phyrexian Arena > NecropotenceSpawn of Mayhem > Vampire NighthawkWear // Tear > Spell PierceWickerbough Elder > Yavimaya ElderBlossoming Defense > Sylvan CaryatidMidnight Reaper > Plaguecrafter

Blue Update

Opt is just the easiest card to cut in the blue section. It's the worst cantrip. While it can be strong with miracle effects like Terminal and Kefnet, and helps the spells matters theme, I think Commit//Memory is perfect right now. I want more U interactive spells. That means there's a lot of U four mana cards, but U also wants the 2 mana rocks the most so I think that's okay. Memory synergizes with Narset/Leovold. And adds another card for Parrallax Tide Abuse.
Opt > Commit // Memory

Quick Red Update

Combat Celebrant, while I love the card, just isn't good enough. Krenko is a generically good card that also is fantastic with the hast strategies that Celebrant is good in. I'll miss the ability to combo kill out of nowhere alongside Gor Claw, but whatever. Shrine of Burning Rage is a great card, however it's only great in Mono Red, which is one of the best decks anyways. I want to try out Generator Servant as it fits my philosophy of "cheap fast mana at a cost" and works really well in the fires archetype.
Combat Celebrant > Krenko, Tin Street KingpinShrine of Burning Rage > Generator Servant

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