Uncertain About These

Belfry Spirit is out. I think Haunt is out entirely now, and I'm okay with that, because I never fully understood it. Cloudgoat Ranger is awesome, and hugely benefits the token decks, as well as the flicker effects. Oblivion Ring is only out because I also have Banishing Light, and i'm trying to do away with functional reprints. With the exception of Terramorphic Expanse and the other one. Scion of the Wild has an awesome effect, but I want to have it in White or Red instead of Green. Trouble is finding room for it. In White I could use Seraph of the Masses or Crusader of Odric. In Red I could try out Battle Squadron. For now, he's just out, and replaced with the stupid powerful Pelakka Wurm.
Belfry Spirit > Cloudgoat RangerOblivion Ring > Battle ScreechScion of the Wild > Pelakka Wurm

Red Balance, only for real

Let's be real here, no one is going to win a game with a storm combo. Gut Shot, Grapeshot, and Seething Song can all go. In their stead, I added some mid- to late-game bombs for Red. A little evasion from Heelcutter and Seismic Elemental could go a long way. Bloodfray Giant seems like it might be a "win more" card for someone playing into counters, but we'll see how it goes. Also Battle Squadron is an uncommon now, and that might take its place to support the tokens theme. Thought Courier replaced Merfolk Looter for the slight tribal interaction with Humans. Also his art looks silly.
Gut Shot > Goblin HeelcutterGrapeshot > Bloodfray GiantSeething Song > Seismic ElementalMerfolk Looter > Thought Courier

Red Changes

I don't have time to do it right now, but Red needs some more creatures. Gut Shot, Grapeshot, and Seething Song are all on the chopping block. Seriously, no one is going to win the game with a storm combo. What was I thinking?

Attunement, Aether Revolt Picks

Without making any curve changes (except for one), I feel like these are just immediate upgrades to the cube. For instance, Entomber Exarch has a slightly harder casting cost than Gravedigger, but it provides options. Dragon Hunter replaces Elite Vanguard, and if it ever does get a chance to shut down a Ruthless Deathfang, it will have been worth it. Also the Warrior subtype is supported slightly more than Soldier. Augury Owl is better than Sage Owl. Ingenious Skaab goes. I already have another Blue 3-drop with Prowess, and decided to opt instead for Latch Seeker, which has an appropriately harder casting cost, and offers a more evasive option. If I can figure out what to cut in the 2-drops, I'll try to get a Welkin Tern in there as well. Stitched Drake never drops on curve, so it's out in favor of Eldrazi Skyspawner, which has an ETB effect and can shake up your curve. Monastery Swiftspear belongs in a cube with so many spell options for Red and Red/Blue. Hello Frantic Search, Snap, and Rewind. Immolation and Boon of Emrakul would only ever be used as removal, and the only reason I have so many enchantments is to support a Green/White enchantment matters theme. If they are just removal and they don't stay on the board, what's the point? Genju of the Spires is interesting and can shake things up in a board stall. Diabolic Servitude is just a fun card for everybody. I AM WRITING DOWN MY AETHER REVOLT PICKS SO I DON'T FORGET. Liliana's Specter is out in favor of Vengeful Rebel. Simian Grunts is out in favor of Maulfist Revolutionary. I want to add Treasure Keeper. Somewhere.
Gravedigger > Entomber ExarchElite Vanguard > Dragon HunterSage Owl > Augury OwlIngenious Skaab > Latch SeekerStitched Drake > Eldrazi SkyspawnerSanguinary Mage > Monastery SwiftspearImmolation > Genju of the SpiresBoon of Emrakul > Diabolic Servitude

All about those round numbers

25/15. Inspired by adding big colorless creatures.
Breaker of ArmiesArtisan of KozilekEldrazi DevastatorCogwork LibrarianLurking AutomatonKozilek's ChannelerSerrated ArrowsDemonmail HauberkShrine of Burning RageShrine of Loyal Legions

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