Aether Revolt Gold, and a Surprise

I'll get through the surprise first. Surprise! I actually started this update with the intention of replacing Spellheart Chimera. Over the course of seeking other options, I decided I didn't want to switch out a totally decent flying creature, so it stays. On to the actual update. Aether Revolt delivers! Spire Patrol is fresh, and an easy swap for Lyev Skyknight, whose 1 toughness would often be a problem. Maulfist Revolutionary is exactly the power level I'm looking for in this cube. It's a body on curve, a good upside with synergy, and not so powerful as to be an instant first pick. Farewell, Simian Grunts. Vengeful Rebel is also fantastic. If things aren't looking too good after your attack phase and you lose someone you didn't want to, drop this dude and even the board a little. Skittering Horror was an easy choice in this replacement. Manamorphose was actually a leftover from when the cube had a little storm support. I feel like I'm just going to keep finding those. The Aether Revolt Gruul boar is neat and all, but Rampager just gives the player more options, which is the name of the game here. The one that I didn't commit to is Winding Constrictor. I kiiiiinda wanted to swap him in and replace Putrid Leech, but Constrictor is a little too "on the nose". Putrid Leech on the board is aggressive, and he's a mindgame-lover's attack deterrent. Winding Constrictor does one thing, so I'm not including him. However he's worth talking about because in the future he might reappear.
Manamorphose > Ghor-Clan RampagerLyev Skyknight > Spire PatrolSimian Grunts > Maulfist RevolutionarySkittering Horror > Vengeful Rebel

Thank You! Also, Notes to Self

I want to give a shoutout to the folks of the /r/mtgCube Discord channel for helping me out! A lot of the tweaking in the past month has been inspired by their comments and drafting. Also I want to write this here because I'm about to leave the house and I'll forget. Revisit your Aether Revolt picks from before the set was released, and make those handful of changes. Also take a closer look at the multicolor cards from Aether Revolt. Manamorphose has got to go, and there are some others that could be replaced with better options. Danger. Out.

Signets Out

The powers that be (opinions of a bunch of drunks who play this cube) have decided that the signets are boring, and should go. Fortunately Aether Revolt has brought us a host of solid artifacts with which we can fill the void. Treasure Keeper. I knew I'd find a place for this guy. In peasant, there won't be much control over what he can find, but I still think the value is there. Maybe if you use Preordain you can do some neat stuff, but we'll just have him be a Piloted Shredder. Wait, what game is this? Pacification Array seems like a more modernized Icy Manipulator. I have no idea how Crackdown Construct will go, but I think in Blue decks it could put in work. Maybe even green too. The vehicles are all pretty rad, actually. Pain Train and Dragster, welcome to the cube. The rest are all predictable. Except for Mindless Automaton. I think this one has more synergy than people realize. This fella opens up a hand-to-graveyard outlet and supports a counters thing too. Given the status of American politics at the moment, I didn't think I'd be so warm to a Mindless Automaton. Heh.
Azorius SignetBoros SignetDimir SignetGolgari SignetGruul SignetIzzet SignetOrzhov SignetRakdos SignetSelesnya SignetSimic SignetTreasure KeeperPacification ArrayCrackdown ConstructUntethered ExpressDaredevil DragsterVulshok MorningstarThran DynamoHedron ArchiveFlayer HuskMindless Automaton

The Comeback

If Skyship Plunderer had an ETB effect, that might have been a pretty sick play. But he doesn't. So it wasn't. Blue needed one more creature. That's actually a rule for my cube. In any given color, the very minimum amount of creatures is half of the total cards in the color pool. So he's back. Displace is out because it's functionally similar and strictly worse than Ghostly Flicker. I felt the same way about Drag Under and Repulse. The sorcery one is out. Hello Compulsive Research.
Displace > Skyship PlundererDrag Under > Compulsive Research

Awards Season

The Tolarian Academy would like to recognize Skyship Plunderer for having the shortest tenure in this cube. The ghost of Sigiled Starfish took his place in the form of Fog Bank. Less than ten minutes after his addition. Skyship Plunderer, you will be remembered.
Skyship Plunderer > Fog Bank

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