Driving in a Fast Car

This change is hard on my heart (I love the JP swords and find cruiser to be flavorfully very weird) but good for my cube. Cruiser is strong in any kind of aggro, 5 power with haste and trample is very real, then it provides some nice wrath insurance. Plus, it can be crewed by tons of one drops.
Sword of Light and Shadow > Fleetwheel Cruiser

Funchin' Up my White Section

Most of these changes are because of the influence of SirFunchalot on the Discord. He's had a lot of success with white aggro and black/white aggro/stax in his cube, which is more powerful and unfair than my own, and says that these disruptive white creatures are the key to the archetype. Stonecloaker was an easy cut. Too cute, haven't seen anyone play it in ages. Hokori is probably the card I am most excited about: I love symmetrical effects, especially resource taxing ones, and a second copy of Winter Orb with legs will help the aggro decks stay ahead of their opponents. Skyfisher was in the same boat as Stonecloaker. Didn't do enough. Imposing Sovereign, at her best, is basically a time walk. Now your opponent's stabilizing blockers come down a turn later. Silverblade Paladin was too swingy. Great if it is paired with a good creature and neither is removed, otherwise just a 3 cmc bear. Thalia, on the other hand, is a house. Punishes greedy manabases and has the same time-walk effect as Sovereign, all with 3 power and first strike. She's a clear upgrade, imo. Vryn Wingmare is a worse baby Thalia, but with a flying body which will be helpful for pressuring planeswalkers, carrying equipment, and poking through damage. Polukranos is an off-color cut, but it was really bumming me out. Just never worth the pick or the slot in your deck, basically no matter what you were playing. Wingmare is honestly going to be better in the GW deck. With these last two changes I am also glad to get rid of double-white cards in favor of single-white cards. I also threw in an Earthshaker Khenra for Guardian Idol, which has been underperforming. Coming in tapped is really a significant downside, and Khenra is a great 2-drop for aggressive decks.
Stonecloaker > Hokori, Dust DrinkerKor Skyfisher > Imposing SovereignGuardian Idol > Earthshaker KhenraSilverblade Paladin > Thalia, Heretic CatharPolukranos, World Eater > Vryn Wingmare

I have avoided Rolling Earthquake for awhile because I considered it a color-pie violation for red to deal damage to flyers, and felt that the card was only skirting that rule by virtue of being the a set where flying was replaced with horsemanship. However, I have come to consider this not a color-pie break, seeing as Pyroclasm and other Pyroclasm-like effects deal damage to everything. I still really dislike having "horsemanship" on one of the cards in my cube, but I'll deal with it because Rolling Earthquake is better and has better art.
Earthquake > Rolling Earthquake

I will miss the additional fetchable dual that Fetid Pools provided, but more lands that double as win conditions for control are too hard to pass up.
Fetid Pools > Creeping Tar Pit

Some Spicier GRN Additions

These might be controversial! Murmuring Mystic has performed so well for me in every format I've played it in that I want to give it a try in cube as well. I am always looking for more spells-matter payoffs, the 1/5 body is very relevant on board and hard for red to deal with, and I like having another token maker in blue for Opposition. Sower of Temptation is a real feast or famine kind of card. I like variations on Control Magic, but Sower is such a lightning rod for removal. Usually, if it sticks you win, if they remove it, especially at an inopportune time at instant speed, you lose. Just so swingy. I think instant-speed is going to be a very, very big upgrade on Browbeat, not to mention being able to cast it twice. Normally on a card like this your opponent will just take the damage and never gives you the cards, but being able to get 8 damage out of one card (and an extra land or whatever) might make this hard to ignore. I like to run cards that give your opponent's options when they are powerful enough, like Fact or Fiction, and hopefully Risk Factor will be more like FoF and less like Vexing Devil in practice. Bonfire of the Damned is getting cut because, like Sower of Temptaion, it's just too swingy. If you get to miracle it at an opportune moment it's extremely good, but there is basically no topdeck manipulation in red, and if you have to pay full rate you're really not happy.
Sower of Temptation > Murmuring MysticBonfire of the Damned > Risk Factor

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