A Second Elspeth!?!

I'm going to be introducing a few more planeswalkers in the coming months, Elspeth, Sun's Champion is the first. I really like the design of big Elspeth, and I am hoping that she serves to bolster midrange, especially green white midrange, in addition to serving as a control finisher. Masticore has not been good enough for awhile, I just didn't want to cut it because I like it. Swallowing the pill now though!
Masticore > Elspeth, Sun's Champion

A Better Way to Draw Two Cards

Gush was cute, and I really wanted it to be good, but in reality it was pretty mediocre. This sphinx doesn't seem mediocre. Guess we'll find out.
Gush > Consecrated Sphinx

More Mana, Less Symmetrical

I wanted smallpox to work but it really wasn't performing. If it wasn't double black I would keep trying to make it work, but I have multiple double black 2 cmc cards and I don't like running so many cards that are so hard to cast. Custodi Lich costs more mana, but has a really powerful effect, replacing itself and getting rid of something on the opponent's side of the board in one fell swoop. It's also another zombie for the various zombie synergies!
Smallpox > Custodi Lich

Knight of Autumn is a sweet little modular card with relevant modes in just about every matchup/context: blow up their artifact or enchantment if you have a good target, gain life if you're against aggro, make a very undercosted body if you're against control. Fleecemane Lion was mostly just a 2cmc 3/3 for mostly-white-but-splashing-green-aggro, which is not the most exciting, nor what GW is usually trying to do. Knight is much better with flickering synergies and general midrangey stuff.
Fleecemane Lion > Knight of Autumn

Fleshbag Marauder had been out of place ever since True-Name got cut. Reaper is going to go in the same decks and be a lot better. I've never run Grim Haruspex (which also would have been significantly better than Marauder) but I think the fact that Reaper replaces itself and is a Zombie for Gravecrawler puts it over the top. Gonna be good!
Fleshbag Marauder > Midnight Reaper

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