Smokestack has not been performing, unfortunately. I love symmetrical effects, but it's just too slow. Skysovereign is a perfect midrange card. It's wrath proof, powerful, and has etb value. I think it'll work out well.
Smokestack > Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

Draft Report: Cube Brunch 3/3/19

Oh hell yeah my boy Daniel got that 3-0 with red white aggro. This dude used to be out here playing 47 card four color draft decks and now he's drafting lean and mean aggro. I fucking love it. I was on BW control with too many answers for creatures and not enough answers for non-creatures. I was impressed by a few new cards: Retrofitter Foundry and Land Tax both put in work. We had chicken and waffles and both were kind of meh. I tried to be too efficient about brunch without putting enough work in.

A Slightly Different UW Tempo Three Drop

This is a small edge, but Spell Queller seems like the better tempo three drop. If you're playing UW tempo, which I believe should be heavier in white, you're not as concerned about putting your opponent off creatures, you're mostly trying to keep them off a board wipe. Queller hits wraths, and then has flying to boot. It also makes it easier to leave up other countermagic in UW tempo without giving up on developing your board. Hoping it works out well!
Reflector Mage > Spell Queller

Gemstone Mine replacing Mana Confluence is another example of my emboldened commitment to avoid near functionally identical cards. Confluence is basically a fixed version of City of Brass, which I already run, so even though it’s more powerful than mine, I prefer the additional depth and variety that mine provides. Was trying to find room for Spawn of Mayhem and ultimately just decided to axe Skinrender for now. I think attrition probably should be the cut, but I want to get in some more drafts with attrition before I give up on it. Spawn is a stat monster and will be a welcome addition in any aggressive or midrange black deck. Wild Growth is back in as I feel like I need one more 1cmc ramp spell in green. Growth is excellent, kind of like a much harder to kill Llanowar Elf that sometimes has haste. Cultivate has been a bit too slow, Growth will give green more explosiveness. Lifecrafter’s Bestiary is a more long-game source of card advantage for green. People have really been singing its praises on the Discord so I am going to give it a spin. Harmonize is just a worse version of a blue spell and won’t be missed. Cryptic Command is just too damn hard to cast and honestly a little overrated in Cube, I think. It’s so outshined by Mystic Confluence in the big blue modal spell department. There are an abundance of blue spells that are not so taxing on your mana. Negate is one of them. This is good in basically every blue deck, and is especially welcome in tempo decks, where Cryptic was unplayable in them as they tend to be heavier white or red with a splash of blue. Frantic Search was too narrow. I think I have enough ways to bin a creature for reanimator decks to not rely on a parasitic card like this. I used to run Treasure Cruise but cut it when I picked up a Dig Through Time, concerned about having two big delve spells in the cube. From where I sit now I think it’s perfectly ok to run both, even in the same deck, and am excited to have Cruise back in. Tithe Taker is well worth the extra mana over Doomed Traveler. Realistically, aggro and tempo decks didn’t really want to play Traveler — it was a 23rd card at best and basically a dedicated stax card, even though it didn’t shine super brightly there either. The stax decks will still want Tithe Taker and he’s much better in the aggro and tempo decks as well. A solid upgrade, even if it does mean having to keep track of another kind of token.
Mana Confluence > Gemstone MineSkinrender > Spawn of MayhemCultivate > Wild GrowthHarmonize > Lifecrafter's BestiaryCryptic Command > NegateFrantic Search > Treasure CruiseDoomed Traveler > Tithe Taker

Giving Fair Colors more Tools Against Control

Selfless Spirit is a nice tool for white aggressive, midrange, and other fair decks against board wipes, and two power flying for two is perfectly serviceable. I have been feeling like white also needs a few more flyers to give it some reach against midrange decks that otherwise might have stabilized. Raise the Alarm was fine, but rarely amazing. On its face, Rhythm of the Wild is a less powerful card than Huntmaster of the Fells. However, Huntmaster fills a weird slot. It is at its best when stabilizing against aggro or giving midrange an edge against other midrange decks. I don't think I really need my red/green decks to be boosted in those situations. Instead, I think gruul needs more oomph to get through the control matchup, and Huntmaster is a great big four-mana dud when the opponent has a wrath or a counterspell. Rhythm of the Wild is a great card against control. It nerfs countermagic and allows you to give big things haste to get them dead fast and get around sorcery-speed removal. Rhythm also scales with the power of the creatures in your deck, and cube has a lot of powerful creatures, after all. One note: Rhythm "combos" with the two persist creatures in my cube: Glen-Elendra Archmage and, more importantly, Murderous Redcap. That puts me one free sac-outlet away from the first infinite combo in my cube, which I would like to avoid.
Raise the Alarm > Selfless SpiritHuntmaster of the Fells > Rhythm of the Wild

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