Sun Titan wasn’t doing enough as a win condition for control decks. He was cute, but never super powerful. Many people think Elesh Norn is uncastable and only serves as a reanimation target, but I don’t think 7 is going to be that hard, frankly. Ultimately, I think she’s about as difficult to cast as Massacre Wurm, who has been putting in work for me. Obviously she has a huge affect on the board if she resolves. I’ve come around to the idea that expensive card draw spells are pretty much always worse than cheap card draw spells. I want to limit my more mana-intensive ones, and between Fact or Fiction and Deep Analysis, Analysis is definitely worse. I’ll miss the old-frame foil, but I can probably find another home for it. Serum Visions is usually a bummer to cast as you’d really prefer it to be Ponder or Preordain, but I’m high on 1cmc cantrips right now. I’ve heard that others have had middling experiences with God-Eternal Kefnet, but I think it will do work in cube. Blue is the color I am most excited about having the “unkillable” ability in, as the rest of your deck can be dedicated to controlling the game with Kefnet being a very reliable win condition (albeit slow). Only costing four mana means it’s not unreasonable to play him out with countermagic backup, and honestly I think there will be situations where it’s correct to reveal wrath on the top with Kef in play and cast it even though he dies, because that is a game you get to cast two wraths in, and some decks can’t beat two wraths. Mnemonic Wall was super slow and a low pick, won’t be missed. I haven’t really played much with Commence honestly as it was just added recently, but I’m pretty certain Will Kenrith is better. I am a little worried he will be a bit too good — blue usually has to rely on other colors for its game-winning 6 drop bombs. Daretti hasn’t done much in a long time, and I’m slowly abandoning my red “artifact” package. The real payoffs, like Wildfire, don’t need any other support, and stuff like Daretti and Goblin Welder have just been too unreliable. Exquisite Firecraft is just another burn spell, but those are always welcome. Prismatic Vista is a shoo-in over Gemstone Mine, which was more annoying than fun. More fetches! More shuffles for decks that care! Open picks! Fleetwheel Cruiser was just fine, I just find that my aggro decks want so few 4 drops that it rarely made the cut. Harvester is the opposite — an answer to aggro, which is something that rarely shows up in colorless. Excited to test it out.
Sun Titan > Elesh Norn, Grand CenobiteDeep Analysis > Serum VisionsMnemonic Wall > God-Eternal KefnetCommence the Endgame > Will KenrithDaretti, Scrap Savant > Exquisite FirecraftGemstone Mine > Prismatic VistaFleetwheel Cruiser > Aethersphere Harvester

A different sword

Sword of Feast and Famine has not been putting in as much work as I would like for a relatively high investment card. 3 mana to cast and 2 to equip needs to really be worth it, and in the case of F&F it's often not. It wants to be in a more controlling shell, where the untapped lands and discard are more relevant than an aggro deck, but I have found that control decks have plenty of other options such that they don't need to be poking away with a sword every turn to get the win. Heirloom Blade on the other hand plays a different role. Only 1 to equip and boosting power by 3 instead of 2 means that it's much more at home in an aggro deck than F&F, and the card advantage it nets you is very welcome in those circumstances. It's difficult to justify using a card slot for pure card advantage in aggro, instead of just jamming another card to get yr opponent dead fast, but Heirloom Blade does double duty: beefs up your boys while also providing some consolation card advantage if your guy gets canned.
Sword of Feast and Famine > Heirloom Blade

Some stuff that is good with Thousand-Year Storm
Flame JabGushSnapRaven's CrimePyrokinesisFrantic SearchTwiddleSnapbackTidal Bore

Some light storm support cards and some black life gain to pair with Yawgmoth's Bargain.
ManamorphoseYawgmoth's BargainKalitas, Traitor of GhetBrutal HordechiefConsuming VaporsDisciple of BolasFrom Under the FloorboardsKrav, the UnredeemedPalace SiegeSanctum SeekerSangromancerSorin MarkovSoul SpikeTendrils of AgonyVraska's ContemptAethersphere HarvesterCall the BloodlineVault SkirgeThousand-Year Storm

Added to the main.
Izzet SignetAzorius Signet

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