Archetypes Ranked by Card Draftability

Ranking the archetypes by their average card quality, I come up with the following: 1. GUR Ramp (5.33) 2. URW Evasion (5.33) 3. BRG Land Destruction (5.27) 4. UBR Tempo (5.25) 5. WUB Pingers (5.24) 6. RWB Knights (5.23) 7. GWU Enchantments (5.22) 8. WBG Life Gain (5.21) 9. BGU Sacrifice (5.21) 10. RGW Go Wide (5.21) The average card rating is in parentheses and is calculated using all the cards assigned to a specific archetype and a weighted portion of the general purpose cards in that archetype's colors. Artifacts and multicolor cards were not considered. WBG Life Gain and BGU Sacrifice are confirmed as subthemes for this set. They have fewer cards available to them, and those cards overall are weaker than those for the other archetypes. Maybe if everything breaks right for you, a BGU Sacrifice deck works out, but WBG Life Gain is probably just going to be a recurring utility suite in control decks trying to do something else. Per my previous ranking, RWB Go Wide has an average number of cards available to it, but apparently they aren't as good as those for other archetypes. In contrast, RWB Knights has fewer cards, but they are more in line with the typical card quality. My guess is that these two archetypes end up merging into one that has a couple different builds to it: a RWb Go Wide deck that splashes Black to get the best knights and a WBR deck that more fully embraces the knights theme but makes heavy use of anthem effects in Red and especially White to buff those knights. Green is probably the last color considered here, but its cards--many of which produce tokens--conveniently support the BGU Sacrifice archetype, so maybe that really can come together despite its low ranking on both of these lists. I like that WUB Pingers deck--the "top" deck in terms of the number of cards available to it--drops off to merely average in this ranking, and the reverse happens for URW Evasion. The former should come together pretty easily, but might be underwhelming unless you've done a good job cutting the worst cards from your deck. In contrast, the latter might be a little more fragle, but should be solid when it does come together. These two present an interesting counter-balance to each other, considering that WUB's pingers present the only ground forces able to take care of flyers, but those same pingers are prone to URW's ground sweeping burn spells. I like it! The remaining archetypes all show up in the same order as the previous ranking, which might be a little concerning for the top and the bottom ones. GWU Enchantments comes in seventh on both, but it's hard to say how well it will actually perform, since it has so many build-around cards. In contrast, GUR Ramp has lots of cards available to it, and those cards are of relatively high quality. This disparity might be something to keep an eye on, but for now I think I'll leave it as is.

Archetypes Ranked by Suites Available

Here are the current archetypes ranked by the number of 5-card suites available to them in a full draft of this cube: - WUB Pingers (6+): Control - GUR Ramp (6+): Midrange - BRG Land Destruction (6+): Aggro-Midrange - RGW Go Wide (6): Aggro-Midrange - UBRc Aggro/Tempo (6): Tempo - URW Flyers (5++): Aggro-Control - GWU Enchantments (5++): Control - RWB Knights (5): Aggro subtheme - BGU Sacrifice (5-): Midrange subtheme - WBG Life Gain (5--): Control subtheme This list was originally much more stratified, but I worked to balance things out so most decks have about the same number of cards. As it stands now, each deck should have about 25 to 30 cards available to it, including all the cards in the set specifically for that archetype (usually 15 to 20 cards), a "suite" of removal (5 cards), and a fair share of general purpose cards for the deck's broader theater (aggro, midrange, control). Note that there are a few chunks of cards I did not consider for this assessment, like cards that aren't in an archetype's primary three colors that nonetheless support that archetype.

Finishing Touches

I noticed a big drop-off from my 4-drops to the 5-drops and beyond, so I figured I'd fill the last four slots of this set with some finishers.
Willow Faerie > CockatriceSeraphDark MazeNecrosavantSubterranean SpiritCraw WurmMisers' Cage

Creature Balance

Where possible, I swapped in creature for noncreature spells in the same slot. With these changes, every color except Blue has at least 50% creatures, which is pretty normal. The overall disparity in this set comes from the colorless cards, only a third of which are creatures.
Power Sink > Vodalian MageMorale > Juniper Order AdvocateSerra Aviary > Ekundu GriffinEbony Charm > Grave RobbersHearth Charm > Goblin SoothsayerFallow Earth > Thelonite Druid

Artifact Pingers ==> Tappers

I felt like there was plenty of support for the WUB Pinger control strategy, not so much for the UBR Tempo/Aggro archetype, so I'm swapping the artifact pingers for some artifact tappers.
Nacre Talisman > MeekstoneRod of Ruin > Amber PrisonSkull Catapult > Relic Barrier

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