Cheap Trades

It turns out some of the new cards don't abide by my cost limitations, so I'm swapping some cheaper alternatives in. The graveyard theme takes a little bit of a hit.
Lord of Tresserhorn > Elemental AuguryEnduring Renewal > Caribou RangeMist Dragon > False DemiseReincarnation > Wall of Brambles

Green Shifts

Lots of changes here! Since flyers are going to UBR, I removed Green's flyers. It's land destruction was also pretty weak, and I figure BRG was better served with a couple more aggressive creatures than with the worst possible land destruction spells in Green. Instead, I amped up the go wide theme, which I think will find a home in RGW, added some more support for WBG graveyard recursion.
Scryb Sprites > ThallidUktabi Faerie > Timber WolvesForgotten Lore > Elvish RangerKiller Bees > Thallid DevourerElven Cache > Thorn ThallidTsunami > Yavimaya AntsElephant Grass > ReincarnationThoughtleech > RegrowthRegeneration > ThermokarstSplintering Wind > Armor of Thorns

Red Shifts

As with Blue, I'm removing the least popular cards in favor of slightly stronger ones. I wasn't ever using the one's I'm replacing, and the new ones support a variety of decks.
Keeper of Kookus > Kird ApeVarchild's Crusader > Uthden TrollActive Volcano > Anaba ShamanPrimitive Justice > Giant Strength

Black Shifts

I'm trying to support Pestilence decks as part of WUB Control. The life gain would probably be useful for that, so I may want to bring some of these cards back, but I also wanted to make sure UBR Flyers and BRG Aggro (Land Destruction) have enough support.
Stench of Decay > Cemetery GateForbidden Ritual > Tainted SpecterSoul Burn > Choking SandsLim-Dul's Hex > Pestilence

Blue Shifts

I introduce flyers to Blue by removing the weakest cards for its other archetypes.
Magus of the Unseen > FloodSea Scryer > SindbadDream Fighter > Storm CrowTeferi's Imp > Cloud ElementalBenthic Explorers > Illusionary ForcesForget > BoomerangLabyrinth Minotaur > Mesmeric Trance

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