Artifact Creatures

Worried there weren't enough creatures for a limited environment like this one, I flipped these lands for a few so-so Artifact Creatures. None of these are going to win you the game, but at least they'll get onto the battlefield and interact a little.
Aysen Abbey > Brass-Talon ChimeraCoral Atoll > Lead-Belly ChimeraEbon Stronghold > Iron-Heart ChimeraBalduvian Trading Post > Tin-Wing ChimeraHeart of Yavimaya > Onulet

Multiplayer Swaps

Pulling a number of the miscellaneous spells for alternatives that emphasize the multiplayer theme of this cube
Feast or Famine > DystopiaTracker > Waiting in the WeedsOrcish Farmer > MudslideEnergy Tap > Mind BombAether Storm > Dream Tides

Life Drain ==> Creatures

Downsized Black's life drain suite to make room for more creatures. I also made some adjustments in Red.
Forsaken Wastes > Erg RaidersLim-Dul's Hex > Cuombajj WitchesSyphon Soul > Wall of BoneReign of Chaos > Talruum MinotaurImmolation > Orcish LumberjackFire Elemental > Shatter

Card Draw ==> Flyers

Still hurting for creatures, I swapped Blue's second tier of card draw spells for a suite of flyers (and Dark Maze).
Mystic Remora > Flying MenLat-Nam's Legacy > Storm CrowKrovikan Sorcerer > Cloud ElementalLibrary of Lat-Nam > Illusionary ForcesInspiration > Dark Maze

Creature Substitutions: Artifact Hate

Making Creature replacements where I can, since I am not running enough.
Primitive Justice > Goblin TinkererBuilder's Bane > Hyperion Blacksmith

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