Some Final Upgrades

Basically reinstalling the upgrades I'd planned for earlier. I'm now pretty confident my rating system works well, so these cards should all be upgrades. Based on actual play, most of the replaced cards have never been used, and those that have were ineffective.
Samite Archer > Silver DrakeRiptide Crab > Reviving VaporsSleeper's Robe > Vodalian ZombieRazing Snidd > Plague SporesSquee's Revenge > Quicksilver DaggerYavimaya Barbarian > Hull BreachTsabo's Web > Mana CylixSparring Golem > Terminal Moraine

New Multicolor Cards

This might tip the set too far toward multicolor cards, but the monocolor cards I'm tossing here have been pretty useless. I haven't seen any of them used, and they all rate poorly here on CubeTutor. The multicolor spells are definitely upgrades that could see some play and might push the competition for mana fixing. Of note are the mutations, which complete the cycle. Those Saprolings were definitely a thing in our games, and these should augment the strategy. As I've also ramped up the mass removal, there should be a new tension at play: going for spot removal versus mass removal, knowing that the Saproling spread strategy can kick your ass.
Guard Dogs > Teferi's MoatIce Cave > Spinal EmbraceHypnotic Cloud > Pyre ZombieSlimy Kavu > Artifact MutationMirrorwood Treefolk > Gerrard's CommandDiversionary Tactics > Putrid WarriorHunting Drake > Suffocating BlastMourning > Death MutationCrown of Flames > Squee's EmbraceWhip Silk > Mystic Snake

Non-White Upgrades

Well, this probably undoes all the help I just gave to White, but whatever. It's just a few upgrades in each color except Black, where I shifted some of the spot removal to mass removal and got rid of the discard cards, which are too weak to play on their own and never really came together with any synergy.
Psychic Battle > Distorting WakeIndex > Allied StrategiesSleeping Potion > Phantasmal TerrainCrystal Spray > Traveler's CloakZombie Boa > Soul BurnFoul Presence > Maggot CarrierUrborg Shambler > Planar DespairYawgmoth's Agenda > Phyrexian GargantuaTsabo's Assassin > Trench WurmBog Down > Urborg EmissaryShivan Harvest > SmashImplode > ZapKavu Scout > StunFirebrand Ranger > Maniacal RageFalling Timber > Tranquility

Kavu Overhaul

Kavu tribal never came together in this set, and I think folks tried. Rather than force yet another Kavu enabler into the set, I'm just removed the weakest of Kavu cards in favor of various creature upgrades. In Red, that led to a new suite of creatures that can potentially wipe the board, an important move in this grindy set.
Rogue Kavu > Breath of DarigaazKavu Aggressor > Desolation GiantMire Kavu > Bloodfire ColossusTundra Kavu > Mogg SentryKavu Monarch > Halam DjinnAlpha Kavu > Llanowar EliteKavu Howler > Thicket Elemental

Cycle Upgrades

I don't think I've seen anyone use the Weavers, and the Sanctuaries were only good when we were misinterpreting the rules. The Volvers and the Masters are hopefully enough of an upgrade to see a little more action.
Spirit Weaver > DegavolverSky Weaver > CetavolverHate Weaver > NecravolverRage Weaver > RakavolverMight Weaver > AnavolverAna Sanctuary > Sunscape MasterCeta Sanctuary > Stormscape MasterNecra Sanctuary > Nightscape MasterRaka Sanctuary > Thunderscape MasterDega Sanctuary > Thornscape Master

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